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Lumia 635 Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 Released By AT&T
With a major update just on the horizon, Windows Phone users are just counting down the days until Windows 10 Mobile arrives. Business as usual will continue until that happens and that’s why AT&T today released the Lumia 635 Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2. This is the latest non-preview version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system that’s gradually being rolled out for supported devices. It has already been released for various handsets including but […]

Lumia 635 With 1GB RAM Confirmed
If you have had set your sights on a smartphone like that of the Lumia 635 but have not been too happy with the fact that there is not enough RAM that comes along with the smartphone for your liking, fret not – it seems that the folks over at Microsoft has more or less remedied that particular situation by throwing in 1GB RAM into the Lumia 635. However, there […]

Sprint's First Lumia Is Finally Here
Sprint, the third largest mobile carrier in the country, hasn’t had a Lumia-branded Windows Phone for quite some time even when these devices were being built under Nokia. Nokia sold its devices and services business to Microsoft and even then Sprint didn’t get its hands on a Lumia device, but now it finally has. It was revealed through a tweet from the official Lumia U.S. account that the Lumia 635 […]

Sprint's Prepaid Carriers Will Start Selling Lumia 635
 Sprint is the third largest mobile carrier in the country and it backs two prepaid carriers, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. They will now start selling the Lumia 635 smartphone from Microsoft. The Windows Phone 8.1-powered smartphone will be available for $100 off contract, so even though it is a low-end offering, it’s a good option for customers who want a smartphone experience without having to pay a high price […]


T-Mobile Updates Nokia Lumia 635
Just about every piece of hardware these days would not amount to much if it were not to be able to be on the receiving end of a piece of software update from time to time, don’t you think so? T-Mobile has just announced yet another update for the bank account-friendly Nokia Lumia 635, but don’t get your hopes up that this will be a major update, since it currently […]

Nokia Lumia 635 Headed For AT&T's GoPhone This Month
A few months ago, Nokia officially announced the Nokia Lumia 635. Now we know that the handset will be making its way onto T-Mobile, but if you were thinking about picking it up for yourself from another carrier, you might be pleased to learn that AT&T has announced that they will be stocking the handset as well.Starting from the 25th of July, AT&T customers will be able to purchase the […]

AT&T Lumia 635 Render Leaked
Earlier this year in April Nokia launched the Lumia 635. Its a mid-range Windows Phone powered smartphone that was unveiled at Microsoft’s BUILD 2014 conference. The company’s devices have performed well in the mid-range segment before so it was natural to see Nokia try and replicate that success. First released in a handful of emerging markets the Lumia 635 landed on T-Mobile in the U.S. this month and it appears that […]

T-Mobile Announces Nokia Lumia 635 Pricing And Availability
The Nokia Lumia 635 which was launched in April earlier this year saw pre-orders for the smartphone kick off in the final week of June, and here we are with T-Mobile announcing the price of the Nokia Lumia 635, where it will be made available to the masses from July 5th onward. The Nokia Lumia 635 holds special significance because it is the first Lumia device Stateside that is put […]

Nokia Lumia 635 Pre-Orders Open Up
We got our first look at the Nokia Lumia 635 smartphone a couple of months back. At the 2014 Microsoft BUILD conference, former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop unveiled the company’s new mid-range Windows Phone handsets. While it was soon confirmed after the announcement that this device would make its way Stateside, it wasn’t known exactly when it’ll drop. We’re one step closer to that day now that the official Microsoft Store […]

Nokia Monarch Could Be T-Mobile's Lumia 635
According to the rumors we heard last month, Nokia was reportedly working on a device codenamed “Monarch”. We weren’t sure what handset the codename belonged to at that point in time, but thanks to a recent post by the ever-reliable @evleaks, it seems that the Nokia Monarch could in reality be the Nokia Lumia 635 that will be making its way onto T-Mobile’s network.The Nokia Lumia 635 was announced earlier […]

Nokia Lumia 630 And 635 Launched
We first heard about this two mid-range smartphones back in February. Initially only the supposed internal codenames appeared online. Since then there has been a constant stream of rumors about the Lumia 630 and Lumia 635. At Microsoft BUILD 2014 today Nokia has finally announced these two smartphones. Nokia also unveiled the Lumia 930, which was also first rumored alongside these two mid-range Windows Phone devices.

Nokia Lumia 635 Hits The FCC
There were rumors surrounding the Nokia Lumia 630 in the past, but it has apparently managed to clear the FCC sometime last week. Well, it seems that there is going to be a dual-SIM version of this particular device, which will be known as the Nokia Lumia 635, or at least that is what it is tipped to be called when it is finally announced. The Nokia Lumia 635 happens […]

Nokia Lumia 930, 630 And 635 Smartphones Rumored
We have seen how the Verizon exclusive Nokia Lumia Icon was announced earlier this morning, where it will make its way to interested parties later this February 20th. However, Nokia is not a one trick pony, and it seems that @Nextleaks has rumors which point to additional smartphones from the Lumia range that will arrive soon – and they would include the Nokia Lumia 930, Nokia Lumia 630, and Nokia […]

Nokia Lumia 635 'Moneypenny' Screenshot Hints At 4G Support
Earlier this year in November codenames of a handful of Nokia devices were leaked. It was rumored that the company was working on all of those devices and that it is expected to release those devices over the next couple of months, presumably before the acquisition of its devices and services business by Microsoft closes. One such device is believed to have the “Moneypenny” codename. A purported screenshot of this […]

@evleaks: Nokia Moneypenny Could Be Lumia 630/635
Nokia Moneypenny = Lumia 630/635 (depending on configuration) — @evleaks (@evleaks) December 19, 2013According to @evleaks, the rumored Nokia Moneypenny (which we first talked about in November this year, where it was followed by another rumor later in the month that it will be a dual SIM handset) will soon be released in the form of either the Nokia Lumia 630 as well as the Nokia Lumia 635. It remains […]