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Lumia 850 (RM-1182) Certified In China
The Microsoft Lumia 850 is a phone that we have been hearing about for some time now, and if you’re wondering if the device is real or just a rumor, there is strong evidence to suggest that the phone is the real deal. This is thanks to the handset recently being certified over in China, following a certification that it received from Indonesia last month.

Lumia 850 Case Leaked
Microsoft does not only do software, as they also do happen to dabble in a little bit of hardware as well. Tablets such as the Surface Pro series is one of them, whereas the smartphone industry is also a little bit richer for it with Microsoft’s involvement. One of Microsoft’s upcoming smartphones would reside in the upper mid-range level, where it has experienced its fair share of leaks prior in […]

Microsoft Lumia 850 Detailed Even Further
We all know that the Lumia 950 as well as the Lumia 950 XL, which so happen to be flagship models of the existing Lumia range have gone on sale, which means attention can be paid to the lower tier of devices, and that would be the Lumia 850. While nothing has been confirmed just yet, apparently the front and back have been detailed as you can see in the […]

New Lumia 850 Renders Leaked Online
There has been some talk about Microsoft releasing a mid-ranged Lumia handset in the form of the Lumia 850. However to date we have not heard anything official from the company despite the fact that it has been almost half a year. However thanks to, new renders of the phone have made their way online.Based on the previous rumors, what we know about the phone is that it will […]


Nokia Lumia 850 Concept Phone
With all the various concept designs that we’ve seen for the iPhone, it is only right that now a fan of the Nokia Lumia range has come up with his own version of what an imaginary Nokia Lumia 850 should look like. To clarify, there is no such thing as the Lumia 850 currently so this is neither a leak nor a rumor. It’s just a concept that is the […]