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T-Mobile US Delivers Denim Update For Lumia 925
Time surely passes us by all too quickly, and here we are, three months down the road after Microsoft made an announcement concerning the Lumia Denim update in early September last year. Despite the announcement, there was nary a single handset that picked up this particular update, never mind the fact that the company did outline plans to complete its rollout before Christmas of 2014 was over. Well, in real […]

Lumia 925 And Lumia 1020 In Europe Receives Denim Update
If you happen to reside over in Europe, and happen to be a (still) proud owner of the Nokia Lumia 925 or Lumia 1020 smartphones, then it might be all good for you to sit up and take notice – apparently, you can take the step to update your handset to Denim today. A quick glance has seen the likes of users from Italy, Germany and Croatia, among other countries, […]

Microsoft Acknowledges Freezing Bug In Lumia 925, Lumia 1020 Handsets
If you’re the owner of the Nokia Lumia 925 or the Lumia 1020, it seems that there are reports that there is a Windows Phone 8.1 bug that has affected quite a few users of either device. This is a bug that supposedly freezes the phone where the device fails to wake up from its sleep mode, thus prompting users to force a soft reset in order to get it […]

T-Mobile Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8.1 Update Released
It is taken both Microsoft and T-Mobile a considerable amount of time to release the Windows Phone 8.1 update for T-Mobile Lumia 925. Those who have this device on the fourth largest carrier in the country need not worry anymore. Today the T-Mobile Lumia 925 Windows Phone 8.1 update has finally been released. It is a major upgrade which brings a plethora of new features to the device.


T-Mobile To Issue WP8.1 Update To Lumia 925, Lumia 521 Later This Year
If you’re on T-Mobile and you own either a Nokia Lumia 521, Lumia 810, or the Lumia 925, you might be wondering when on earth will T-Mobile get around to issuing the Windows Phone 8.1 update for these handsets? According to reports, it seems that T-Mobile has the update listed as “Under testing” or “Not available” for some of these devices.Now the good news is that if you were still […]

AT&T Lumia 520 And 925 Receive Windows Phone 8.1 Update
Microsoft first showed its latest major update for Windows Phone earlier this year. After an open developer beta which lasted for a couple of months the company finally started rolling out the update a couple of weeks ago. Folks with carrier devices had to wait a bit longer to receive the update and today the wait ends for AT&T Lumia 520 and Lumia 925 owners. The carrier has finally released Windows […]

T-Mobile To Update Lumia 925 And Lumia 521 To Windows Phone 8.1
As you might have heard, Microsoft recently unveiled Windows Phone 8.1 in all of its glory including the much rumored voice assistant feature, Cortana. Now we’re sure many Windows Phone users are excited to get their hands on the update and the good news is that T-Mobile has recently announced that they will be updating both the Nokia Lumia 925 and the Lumia 521 (T-Mobile’s version of the Lumia 520) […]

Nokia To Provide 30,000 Lumia Handsets To Bank In Spain
BlackBerry used to be the platform of choice when it came to enterprises and governments, but perhaps with the Canadian company starting to lag behind the competition, businesses and governments started to swap them out for something a bit more modern.However it seems that Nokia (and we guess Microsoft by extension) has started to gain some traction in the business world with the Windows Phone platform as they have recently […]

Microsoft Store Offers Free Wireless Charging Cover For Lumia 925
If you’re planning on picking up the Nokia Lumia 925, you might to think about hitting up the Microsoft Store instead of your carrier. The reason is because as you can see from the screenshot above, the Microsoft Store will offering the handset on contract via AT&T or T-Mobile, but at the same time will throw in a free wireless charging case for those of you who enjoy the wireless […]

Nokia Lumia 925 Review
Nokia announced its Lumia 925 this past May as the first device in their stable of smartphones to feature a new metal-band design, which is certainly a departure from rumors circulating earlier this year saying the device would be a completely aluminum smartphone, for example, like the HTC One. The device features a 4.5-inch AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 16GB of internal storage and an 8.7MP PureView camera.Since Nokia’s […]

Nokia's New Lumia 925 Does Not Want The (Prince Of) Darkness To Ruin Your Photos
Nokia seems to be pretty much on a roll these days with clever advertising, with the Finnish company releasing ads in the past that poked fun at the iOS and Android competition, to them actually trolling Samsung’s advertisements in real life, not to mention a recent jab at the new Android 4.4 KitKat. However it looks like Nokia has no plans to slow down their onslaught of funny ads and […]

New Nokia Lumia 925 Ad Is Funny
Nokia has been on a roll lately, releasing new ads that poke fun at the competition, while highlighting some of the key strengths of their mobile devices, and in this latest Nokia Lumia 925 ad, it’s another funny video from Nokia that demonstrates one of the features of the handset. It basically shows a family where an overly-friendly boyfriend of the daughter joins them for a day at the park, […]

Nokia Lumia 925 Headed To AT&T On September 13 For $99
A little birdie told the Internet a few days ago the Nokia Lumia 925 would be made available on AT&T starting in the middle of September. It looks like that Internet birdie was right as AT&T is officially announcing its pricing and availability of the Lumia 925.

BlackBerry Z30 Caught On Camera Alongside Nokia Lumia 925
We’re sure BlackBerry 10 fans around the world have probably been hearing a lot about an upcoming device going by the BlackBerry Z30 moniker. We’ve seen photos and videos leaked in the past, and thanks to a newly leaked photo, we are looking at the Z30 again, except this time it is pictured alongside the Nokia Lumia 925. Unfortunately apart from this latest leak, it does not really tell us […]

Nokia Lumia 925 Reportedly Heading To AT&T Mid-September
AT&T customers, if you’ve been eyeing the Nokia Lumia 925 but were a bit bummed that it was a T-Mobile exclusive, fret not because word on the street has it that the handset will be making its way onto AT&T’s network in the near future. This is according to the folks at Windows Phone Central who were tipped off by their source that the Lumia 925 could arrive no AT&T’s […]

Nokia Pro Camera Arrives On Nokia Lumia 925, Lumia 920 And Lumia 928
At long last, the Nokia Pro Camera has finally arrived on three more Nokia Lumia devices after we talked about it before, namely the Nokia Lumia 925, the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 928 via its Amber update which has started to roll out from today onwards. The Nokia Pro Camera is said to be a whole lot more than an app, where it is a completely re-imagined user interface […]

Nokia Lumia 925 Low-Light Photography Ad Is Hilarious
The Nokia Lumia 925 is one of the company’s latest phones, and given that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is exactly a super star compared to iOS and Android in terms of market share, one of the marketing tactics deployed by Microsoft and Nokia would be to compare their products against their competitors. Well Nokia has recently released a new ad in which the Lumia 925’s low-light photography capabilities were highlighted, […]

Nokia Lumia 925 Ad Compares Itself Against The iPhone
With the smartphone market being extremely competitive these days, we have seen  companies such as Samsung and Microsoft cook up some creative ads (some of which are downright bizarre) in which they attempt to make the competition look silly, and the common target seems to be Apple whose iPhone device is undoubtedly a hot commodity. Well it looks like Nokia has released their own ad in which they target Apple’s […]

Nokia Lumia 925 And Xperia Z On T-Mobile
If you have had half a mind of getting either the Nokia Lumia 925 or the Sony Xperia Z from T-Mobile, then I guess it is time to do so, as both smartphones are now available from the US mobile carrier. In fact, we have already taken the T-Mobile Xperia Z for a thorough spin, and we would strongly recommend you to read our take on it before making a […]

Nokia Lumia 925, Sony Xperia Z Available From T-Mobile Starting July 17th
Nokia Lumia 925 will be available from T-Mobile starting July 17th. This release date was actually rumored last week.