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Vertu Ti Debuted As Android-Powered Smartphone Worth $10,000
Just a few weeks ago, we heard Vertu was planning on delivering an Android-powered smartphone that was going to be ridiculously expensive. It was originally expected to retail for a little over $4000, but we guess that wasn’t a high enough number for Vertu as they’re announcing their new handset, the Ti, will retail starting at $10,000.We know you can probably think of a lot of ways to burn $10,000, but […]

Mobiado Unveils Classic 712 Mokume Gane Luxury Phone
Mobiado is no stranger when it comes to luxury phones and the company has come up with the Classic 712 Mokume Gane for its Classic portfolio, with the Japanese words in its name translating to “wood grain metal“. The case materials undergo a unique forging process that involves hand-twisting different metals together to create the unique appearance, so you can understand why this phone won’t come cheap, and it’ll set […]

Gresso Luxor World Time Phone Features Six Clocks
One thing is for sure- when you have money to spend, there are always things for you to buy. Gresso has just launched their new limited edition phone- the Luxor World Time, and time doesn’t come cheap. This posh phone comes with 6 independent Swiss clockwork mechanisms for you to tell the time of 5 major cities around the world and one for you to set to your home or […]

New TAG Heuer Meridiist Luxury Phones Announced
Luxury watch maker TAG Heuer has announced three new models of its Meridiist phone, all of which share the same overall design, but sport different finishes. The Black Diamond is a PVD-coated device, made out of 316L stainless steel, 18-carat pink gold, lizard leather, and 1.34-carat diamonds. The Stainless Steel & Rose Gold model also offers 18-carat pink gold, stainless steel and alligator leather, but lacks the diamonds. Finally, the […]


LG And Versace Announce The Versace Unique Luxury Phone
Looking for a new luxury phone to showcase your fabulous wealth? If that’s the case, LG and Versace have something to share with you. They’ve partnered together to churn out the Versace Unique, which is Versace’s first full-featured multimedia touch phone. The Versace Unique is hand-assembled in France and made from fancy materials like stainless steel, leather, 18k yellow gold, and a sapphire crystal touch screen display. While being a […]

Updated Ulysse Nardin Chairman Luxury Phone Is Powered By Android
Want to have a really special Android-powered phone to show off to your friends? Well, at $49,500, the updated Ulysse Nardin Chairman phone is probably the most expensive Android phone to date, until someone decides to drape an Android-powered phone in Gold. While the phone was initially slated to be powered by Windows Mobile, it seems that it’s now been replaced by Google’s Android OS, which certainly has plenty of […]

Bellperre luxury phones use plenty of wood
Bellperre is mentioned in the same breath as Mobiado and Vertu, as it offers luxury materials used in its handsets. Well, this time round they are taking are a more natural route by including wood on its external chassis, where you have to option to further bling it up by adding jewels. Some of the various woods available include hand-polished Steel, Rosé Gold, Yellow Gold, Platinum and Brushed Black. When […]

Motorola Ivory E18 In The Works
Motorola seems to be rather directionless at the moment, and yet another upcoming handset of theirs doesn’t look as though it is going to do too well the moment it hits the market – after all, would you for out a good 2,000 Euros for the Motorola Ivory E18 that comes in a stainless steel chassis (no worries, no rhinos or elephants were harmed in the process), with plans to […]