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New Apple Magic Mouse And Wireless Keyboard Coming Soon
Apple updates its core products once every year but the company hasn’t been paying that kind of attention to its iconic input devices, the Magic Mouse and the wireless keyboard. The Magic Mouse hasn’t really been updated since 2009 and the wireless keyboard hasn’t received an update since even before that. It’s safe to say that we would like to see a new Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard, turns out Apple […]

New Apple Magic Mouse could get multi-touch display
Now here’s an interesting tidbit of news – Apple has apparently indicated their interest in throwing in a new display to its multi-touch Magic Mouse, which would certainly go some ways in adding interactivity and functionality to the wireless mouse. This new Magic Mouse was revealed earlier this week in a patent application that was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, where it was entitled “Computer Input Device […]

Mobee Magic Charger Charges Your Magic Mouse Wirelessly
Users of Apple’s Magic Mouse might be frustrated if they find that they have to change the battery too often, and Mobee is looking to capitalize on that by coming up with the Mobee Magic Charger for Apple’s Magic Mouse. This charger is an inductive charger that consists of a mini-USB base station and a battery pack that fits nicely into Apple’s mouse. According to the specifications, on a full […]

iPhone 4G To Have Touch Sensitive Back And AMOLED Display?
This week is certainly a good week for iPhone rumors. This is currently just speculation from UBS analyst Maynard Um, but apparently he claims that the new iPhones may have a touch sensitive back, which was something that people speculated on earlier. Other possible features of the upcoming iPhone are said to be a 5-megapixel camera, 64GB of storage, AMOLED display and longer battery life. It’ll be interesting to see […]


Apple Magic Mouse could get more mighty
An Apple patent that was revealed recently points toward a new and improved Magic Mouse that could see it harness touch capability, additional motion sensors that hold a triple-axes gyroscope which detects the roll, pitch, and yaw of the mouse. In layman’s terms, this will allow users to tilt the mouse if they decide to scroll horizontally and vertically, while tilting it will move an object on the display. A […]

Hook A Magic Mouse To Your iPhone
Why would you want to use a Magic Mouse on your iPhone, especially since you can touch it directly with your finger? Regardless of whether there is any practical use or not, the BTstack project has successfully connected the Magic Mouse to the iPhone, and as you can see from this video, it’s working rather well. It’s certainly hard to foresee the Magic Mouse as an accessory to the iPhone, […]

Apple Magic Mouse Draining Bluetooth Keyboard Batteries?
Do you have Apple’s Magic Mouse and Bluetooth Keyboard together on your desk? Have you noticed any battery life problems with the keyboard? If you are, you’re probably not the first, as many folks out there with similar setups have been complaining of similar issues. Some folks are claiming that the Magic Mouse is preventing the keyboard from going into sleep mode, while others claim that it’s a Bluetooth driver […]

Apple Magic Mouse Taken Apart
Ever wondered how Apple’s Magic Mouse looked like on the inside? Well, thanks to the folks over at the Nikkei Electronics Teardown Squad, you won’t have to sacrifice your own Magic Mouse. It’s a good thing that you won’t have to take your Magic Mouse apart too, as it’s certainly not easy to disassemble it, and the resin parts of the mouse were deformed when they were being removed, resulting […]