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Meizumart Sells Meizu MX3 Smartphone
Meizu of China has just launched an international online shop which would enable customers from just about anywhere in the world to be able to drop some cash and make the Meizu MX3 smartphone theirs. This is a flagship model that will arrive in white and black shades, although the former is conveniently out of stock at the moment. The black Meizu MX3, however, is available in 16GB, 32GB and […]

Meizu MX3 With Ubuntu Spotted
The Meizu MX3 was announced on an official basis last year, but it seems as though this particular smartphone is going to roll out over in the U.S. some time in the third quarter of this year, which is still a fair number of months away. Well, the Meizu MX3 holds the distinction of being one of the first smartphones that will ship with Ubuntu Linux, although one can always […]

Meizu MX3 Spotted Running On Ubuntu
For those of you who have been looking forward to the regular Meizu MX3 roll out to the masses living in the US, you might be pleased to hear that this particular smartphone will arrive in the US later in the third quarter of the year. This particular model will run on the Flyme 3.0 custom Android user interface, but here we are with a snapshot of what looks to […]

Meizu MX3 U.S. Launch Planned For Q3, 2014
[CES 2014] China’s smartphone market is catered to by a wide variety of companies which often manufacture some of the most unorthodox smartphones that the world has ever seen. These smartphones rarely ever make it outside China, but Meizu seems to be on a mission to globally expand its devices. The company has confirmed that the Meizu MX3, which was officially announced back in September 2013, is going to be […]


Meizu MX3 AnTuTu Benchmark Breaks 29,000 Points Barrier
The Meizu MX3 was recently introduced to the world at its announcement in China recently, where it holds the record of being the first smartphone in the world to arrive with 128GB of internal memory – as other smartphones in the market max out at 64GB at best. Apart from that, the Meizu MX3 also happens to be the first non-Samsung device that will be powered by the Exynos 5410 […]

Meizu MX3 Announced Officially
Sometime in the middle of last month, we did mention in passing the possibility of the Meizu MX3 being announced officially later this September 2nd, and now that this particular date has arrived, the flagship device from the China company has proven that particular rumor to be true. This latest addition to Meizu’s stable of smartphones will be powered by the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system, although it will […]

Meizu MX3 Shapes Up To Be Highly Affordable Smartphone
Meizu, the smartphone manufacturer from China, does have its fair share of hit products which range from high end models to more mid-range ones so that various budgets can be catered for. In fact, it has garnered its fair share of fans over the years, having built up a rather solid brand recognition along the way, not to mention being propelled to where it is today thanks to the number […]

Meizu MX3 Could Launch This September 2
The Meizu MX3 is an upcoming flagship smartphone model from the folks over at where else, but Meizu, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer. There were whispers of it arriving with a Full HD display which makes plenty of sense, since most flagship devices these days do feature a Full HD display to begin with. Not only that, some alleged images of the Meizu MX3 have also been spotted as recently as […]

Meizu MX3 Images Spotted
When it comes to high end smartphones that tend to be the flagship model of a manufacturer, you know that nothing but the very best will do – and so the same applies to the Meizu MX3. In the past, we have heard some bits and pieces about the handset, from the possibility of it resembling the HTC One to a Full HD display (which is more or less mandatory […]

Meizu MX3 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Encourages More Hardware Detail Speculation
There is nothing quite like a leak of a printed circuit board (PCB) of an upcoming device to extrapolate on the possible hardware specifications down the road.

Meizu MX3 Might Share A Close Resemblance To The HTC One
It was slightly more than a week ago when we brought you word that the Meizu MX3 is rumored to come with a Full HD display, and here we are with more word on what the Meizu MX3 is all about. Apparently, this China-based company must have plenty of respect for Taiwanese firm HTC, considering how a render that you can check out on the right does seem to show […]

Meizu MX3 To Come With Full HD Display?
If you have read our Meizu MX review in the past, then you would know that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is certainly not pulling any punches when it comes to rolling out smartphones. Well, it does seem that they have not checked out of the smartphone arms race just yet, with rumors circulating around the possibility of a Meizu MX3, where the naming convention itself does point to the obvious […]