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Meizu MX4 Ubuntu Phone Goes On Sale Tomorrow
Canonical has already released two Ubuntu powered smartphones and now it’s gearing up to launch the third one. The Meizu MX4 is going to be released tomorrow and initially it will be available to customers in Europe. This particular handset is a derivation of the existing Meizu MX4 which is an Android powered device that has only been released in China.

Android 5.0 Lollipop Coming To Meizu MX4 And MX4 Pro
We have received word that Meizu is currently hard at work, cranking out a brand new Flyme OS version that will be based on the most recent version of Google’s Android, which would be Android 5.0 Lollipop. In other words, it ought to come with the slew of optimizations on the Lollipop version, which includes Google’s Material design that delivers a flat and more beautiful user interface. Taking into consideration […]

Meizu MX4 International Orders Begin At $449
The Meizu MX4 was announced earlier this month, being the flagship smartphone from the China-based manufacturer, but back then, there was no mention at all when it came to the international availability of the handset. It is a good thing that patience is a virtue, as we have discovered that Meizu would enable just about anyone around the world to be able to place a pre-order for the smartphone, with […]

Meizu MX4 Caught Passing 50k Score In AnTuTu Benchmark Again
Apparently, the officially announced Meizu MX4 is far from being a pushover, as it looks as though it is going to be quite the star performer where benchmark results are concerned. Not too long ago, the yet unreleased Meizu MX4 (back then) managed a more than respectable score of 52,811 over on the AnTuTu (version 5) benchmark. Well, it seems that those results were no fluke, as here we have […]


Meixu MX4 Goes Official
Well, well, after seeing results of its benchmark leaked out prior to today, as well as the back part of the handset get caught in the wild, here we are with China-based Meizu having officially rolled out the Meizu MX4 smartphone. This particular model will not offer a wee increment in performance and capabilities, but rather, it will deliver an improvement by leaps and bounds, starting with its 5.36″ IPS […]

Meizu MX4 Spotted In The Wild
The Meizu MX4, a smartphone that is slated to roll out later this September (which is not too far away, really), and having picked up an extremely stunning AnTuTu benchmark score, has been spotted in the wild yet again. This time round, we have a trio of images for your perusal, where you can check out the remaining two right after the jump.

Meizu MX4 Scores 52,811 On AnTuTu Benchmark
The Meizu MX4 smartphone is certainly one particular device that many of us are looking forward to, especially with its impending September release date looming over the horizon. Having said that, leaked images of it do point to an extremely slim bezel, although some work on it will still need to be done before it is capable of arriving at the aesthetically pleasing level of the Sharp AQUOS Crystal smartphone. […]

Meizu MX4 Seen In The Flesh
There is always a first time for everything, and when it comes to the Meizu MX4, there has been a fair number of rumors before, although some have been debunked thanks to the passage of time, such as a March announcement for the flagship device. So far, the general consensus has been more or less consistent – the Meizu MX4 will sport very thin bezels, and is tipped to roll […]

Meizu MX4 Sports Extremely Thin Bezels
It was just yesterday when we talked about Meizu rolling out their upcoming Meizu MX4 smartphone this coming September, and here we are with additional details on the Ubuntu-powered device. In fact, while the Meizu MX4 might not be the slimmest smartphone in the market when it arrives, this does not mean it is not a looker. No sir, far from it. In fact, what you see above happens to […]

Meizu MX4 To Launch This September
The Xiaomi Mi4 has already rolled out earlier this month (in fact, it was just a week ago), and this can only mean one thing – that the new flagship model from Meizu should not be too far away from rolling out. After all, Meizu and Xiaomi can be said to be “natural enemies” of one another over in China where the smartphone market is concerned, and word on the […]

Meizu MX4 Could Be Announced On 6th Of March
MWC 2014 is over but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to end! In fact according to a recent invite being sent out by Meizu, the company will be holding an event in Paris on the 6th of March. Unfortunately the invite does not tell us what we might be able to expect from the company, but many are speculating that this could be when the Meizu MX4 will […]