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Samsung Milk Music Shutting Down On September 22nd
Samsung introduced its very own music service back in March 2014 and called it Milk Music. The app was initially exclusive to the company’s Galaxy devices before it was made available to more Samsung devices. The company even created a desktop web app for Milk Music in March last year but those moves don’t appear to have paid off. Samsung has announced that it’s going to shut down Milk Music […]

Samsung’s Spotify Rival Reportedly Hit With Layoffs
With so many music streaming platforms available, some with bigger libraries and being more popular, we had to wonder how Samsung’s Milk Music would fare, especially when users probably think of platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, and Rdio when it comes to music streaming.This is why it doesn’t come as a complete surprise to learn that Samsung’s Media Solutions Center America, the arm responsible for Milk Music and Milk Video, […]

Samsung Milk Music Gets A Web Player On Its Anniversary
It has been precisely one year since Samsung launched its streaming radio service, Milk Music, which has only been available through the company’s devices up till now. A few months after its launch Samsung introduced a premium subscription tier and the old service became ad-supported. Today, to mark the first anniversary of this service, Samsung announced the Milk Music Web Player.

Galaxy S6 To Come With Milk Music And Video Pre-Installed
Before Samsung’s latest smartphones were unveiled it was rumored that the company has a rather strict diet plan for its TouchWiz software. It was rumored to remove all bloat from the software and even limit the number of apps that would be pre-installed on the devices. Two of Samsung’s services appear to have made the cut because Milk Music and Milk Video will both be pre-installed on Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge […]


Samsung Milk Music Expands Beyond Smartphones
There’s no shortage of music streaming services these days, people are spoilt for choice. Not too long ago Samsung decided to jump in the fray as well. It launched Milk Music. This is Samsung’s very own music service that was initially exclusive to its smartphones. Though today the company has announced that the service is moving beyond its smartphones to other devices that it also manufactures.

Milk Music Comes With New Dial Design
Do you find it a snap for your radio streaming service to locate the kind of music that you generally favor? If you answered in the negative, then you might want to check out Milk Music, as this radio streaming service will offer a wide range of music to suit all tastes, but it is also a snap to enjoy music in just the way you like it. Sporting an […]

Samsung Milk Music Updated, Gets $3.99 Premium Subscription Option
Samsung’s Milk Music was presented to the masses earlier this March, where it came across as a fully free music service that remained exclusive to its devices. However, it was eventually revealed that this will come to an end, as nothing remains free for life. Users will still be able to stream tunes without having to fork out a single cent sans ads, but the latest Milk Music update would […]

Samsung Milk Music 1.1 Now Supports Galaxy S3 Mini
When Samsung first rolled out their Milk Music service in March earlier this year, it came across as a free music streaming service (which is supported with the presence of various ads littered all over the place, of course). Now that Samsung Music is set to shut down this coming July 1st, it does lend even more weight for Milk Music to increase its reach, where this music streaming service […]

Samsung Milk Music Introduced
Samsung most probably hopes that Milk Music is going to be the next big thing in the world of music, where this will be a free radio service that carries 200 ad-free stations, offering a fully customizable experience to your taste. Milk Music is already available on the Google Play store, where it delivers an effortless and entertaining manner for one to enjoy the music one loves, as well as […]