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Sprint launches new 3G/4G mobile broadband plans
While many folks mourn the loss of the Sprint’s unlimited data plan for its non-smartphone devices, it looks like the carrier is trying to make things right with the launch of its new mobile broadband plans. While Sprint isn’t going to give you unlimited data anymore, it has tailored a bunch of plans to suit the needs of different folks.For $19.99 a month, users can get 1GB of data just […]

Sprint to end unlimited mobile broadband and hotspot plans
If there ever was a time where you would bid farewell to unlimited mobile broadband and hotspot plans from Sprint, October 31st would be the perfect day to do so. Why, you ask? Well, we just have gotten word from Sprint that they will be officially axing both plans from November this year onwards, where data sent and received over tethering will have a 5GB cap. Bear in mind that […]

Netgear announces N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router - Mobile Broadband Edition
Netgear does it again with their spanking new N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router – Mobile Broadband Edition, otherwise known as DGN2200M if you have a fetish for model numbers. Just what does this modem router do? It will offer a combination of 802.11n wireless and a built-in ADSL2+ modem with optional support for High speed 3G+ cellular broadband connectivity, turning it into a unique solution which is perfect for small […]

Novatel's WiMax MiFi at FCC, Headed for Sprint
Sprint has launched the Overdrive, a portable hotspot device that allows users to connect up to five devices to the carrier’s mobile broadband 3G CMDA or 4G WiMax network, and now the Overdrive is either getting a companion or a replacement in the form of the Novatel MiFi 4082 in Sprint’s lineup. The WiMax MiFi device from Novatel–the Overdrive was made by rival Sierra Wireless–will also be a multi-mode device […]


Demand for Cars with WiFi to Increase 40 Times by 2017
iSuppli is forecasting that demand for cars with built-in WiFi will increase to 7.2 million vehicles in 2017, a 40-time increase from today’s 174,000 connected cars. Though integrated WiFi may provide a more limited role in getting road warriors mobile broadband access than an integrated 3G modem, auto-makers are relying on WiFi as a means of connectivity that’s low cost and may not deter budget-conscious consumers from balking at high […]

Verizon Planning To Offer 5GB Prepaid Mobile Broadband Data Plan For $80
Reports are going around that Verizon Wireless is planning to unveil a prepaid $80/month 5GB mobile broadband data plan in the next few months. Such a move would benefit folks who are looking to get hold of a data plan but are wary of committing to long-term deals. If such a plan is announced, it will complement the carrier’s current plans which offer 75MB/month for $15, 250MB/month for $30 and […]