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Sailfish Mobile OS Demo by Jolla's CEO Marc Dillon
After CeBIT in Germany, I went to Finland to meet a few of the very talented technology companies that this country has produced. In Helsinki, I met with Marc Dillon, CEO, Jolla, and one of the four co-founders of this startup which is building the next open source mobile OS, a.k.a. Sailfish.At MWC 2013, Jolla launched its Sailfish SDK that was made available for download at According to marc […]

BlackBerry 10 OS Features Overview
RIM, now officially called BlackBerry, has officially announced BlackBerry 10. And it definitely has some pretty nifty features that made us say “wow.”  The best new features are the new navigation called “BlackBerry Flow“, BlackBerry Balance for switching from work to personal mode, the new BBM with video calls and screenshare and the great camera application with Timeshift . We are pretty excited to get our hands on the new BlackBerry Z10 to […]

Samsung Bada OS to take open source route?
Samsung was certainly bold when they decided to venture into the world of mobile operating systems with the Bada OS a couple of years ago, and sad to say it did not really take off as much as the suits at Samsung would have liked – I presume this is no biggie to Samsung since they’re doing extremely well with Android-powered smartphones in their stable.

China's Baidu displays new mobile OS
We first heard that Baidu might be making their way into the mobile operating system market more than a year ago, and with the top search engine on China developing their very own Web browser, here is the latest on Baidu Inc. – it seems that the company has offered a glimpse of its upcoming mobile operating system, while rolling out a new mobile application platform in order to boost […]


Moogle and the Future of Mobile
This morning, we covered the unexpected acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google for $12B, which is a huge premium (60%+) compared to the market value of Motorola Mobile on the previous day. Mobile technology is currently THE hot business topic with about 80% of market growth year-over-year in the Smartphone segment in Q1 2011.The patent war: providing new revenue streams to outsiders, slowing down AndroidThe patent war has been raging […]

Android is tops in US smartphone market share
When it comes to market share of smartphones, Android has taken top spot, overtaking BlackBerry and iPhone sales in the process. According to Canalys, when you take into account the sales figures from HTC, Motorola and other smaller Android producers, it amounted to 34% of American smartphones during spring, edging out RIM by 1.9% while beating Apple’s 21.7% by far. The newer Android-powered phones like the HTC Droid Incredible, HTC […]

Android platform gains more market share
The smartphone market in the US is slowly growing, and in the latest quarter, the Android platform actually gained market share, while all the other top 5 rivals conceded ground to Google’s open source operating system. For those who love trivia, Android crept up to 13% from 9%, while Apple dropped by one percentage point to 24.4%, with BlackBerry’s commanding lead faltering to 41.7%. Microsoft is the biggest loser this […]

Nokia N8 is last Symbian-operated device in N Series, MeeGo to follow
For those who love nostalgia, then you might want to check out the Nokia N8 which will be the last of the N series devices to feature a Symbian operating system, where following that MeeGo will be the operating system of choice. Symbian will not just die off like that though, since Symbian^4 is in the works, but that will more or less grace mass market devices instead of smartphones. […]