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Samsung adds 4 new devices to its Galaxy line up
Samsung has 4 new additions to their Galaxy line up – the Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Fit and Samsung Galaxy Gio (aren’t you getting tired of the Galaxy prefix Samsung?). The Galaxy Ace, Fit (thought to be the Galaxy Suit), and Galaxy Mini were leaked previously and the Gio is something we haven’t seen before but it strangely resembles the Galaxy Cooper. The Galaxy Gio is […]

LG Optimus 3D ready to hit MWC 2011
You know for sure that there will definitely be a slew of really interesting smartphones hitting Mobile World Congress that is happening in Barcelona next month (starting on Valentine’s Day to boot!), so those with a penchant and great love for handsets will definitely do well to tune in to our live coverage there. LG is not going to miss out on the party either, preparing itself to roll out […]

Huawei SmaKit S7
Updated article with photo gallery – original article posted 02/15/2010[MWC 2010] Huawei’s SmaKit S7 is yet another device from Huawei that features a 7″ widescreen display with a 800 x 480 resolution. You will be able to check out its information-sharing capability across displays, being able to present the same content simultaneously on computers, cellphones and TV displays. With the SmaKit S7 tablet, one is able to access local information […]

Nokia at Mobile World Congress - Wrap Up
[MWC 2010] Nokia has just finished their press conference at Mobile World Congress 2010 and a lot was said, but little was substantial and up to the audience’s expectations (whether reasonable or not). First, no new device was announced, which is kind of weird, but I guess that Nokia World is now the new place for this type of launches, and it is somewhat understandable. Secondly, Nokia has announced that […]


Huawei U8800 is first 3G/HSPA+ Android handset
[MWC 2010] Huawei breaks new ground with their brand new U8800 which is touted to be the first 3G/HSPA+ Android handset in the market, capable of offering download speeds of up to 14Mbps – assuming your telco network supports it, of course. Expect the Huawei U8800 to be powered by the latest Android 2.1 operating system, making sure it is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, at least where Android-powered […]

Huawei U8100/U8110 are entry-level handsets
[MWC 2010] Huawei’s U8100/U8110 entry-level handsets will both feature a 2.8″ wide QVGA touchscreen display as well as a dual camera setup, where its 0.3-megapixels located on the front will cater to those who want to hold video conversations, as well as a more decent 3.2-megapixel shooter at the back. The inclusion of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth helps you hook up to the Internet at selected hotspots while making data transmission […]

Huawei U8300 targets or social networkers
[MWC 2010] Social networking is a big thing, and Huawei is back with a bang by offering the U8300 smartphone which targets the youth market who are also knee deep in social networking. You will find the incorporation of popular social networking tools including the two essentials – Facebook and Twitter. Good to know there is a QWERTY keypad that helps you type all those wall updates, messages and emails […]

Jabra CLIPPER Bluetooth stereo headset
[MWC 2010] Jabra remains true to their Bluetooth roots with their latest release, the Jabra CLIPPER Bluetooth stereo headset that can be clipped on a variety of surfaces including bags, clothes and belts, letting you switch seamlessly between music and calls. This relatively small device features noise-blocking stereo headphones that allows you to listen to your favorite tunes whilst receiving important (or marketing) while on the go. To make things […]

DeviceAnywhere has new mobile devices
[MWC 2010] DeviceAnywhere has announced the availability of new mobile devices which are added to the DeviceAnywhere MOTODEV Virtual Developer Lab (VDL). This remote Internet-based testing service will be able to dramatically reduce the time and resources required to develop, test, and deploy applications and content for Motorola’s MOTODEV community. With the MOTODEV VDL, it does away with the need to acquire the physical device – perfect for folks who […]

Nokia C5 spotted before MWC
We’ll be at Barcelona later this month for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event, and hopefully will be able to stumble upon the Nokia C5 as it has already made its rounds on the Internet in the form of leaked images. This could very well be the first C Series smartphone from the Finnish cellphone manufacturer, where it runs on the Symbian S60v3 FP2 release while being accompanied by a […]

Unconfirmed: WinMob 7 User Experience Elements Leaked?
Some pictures of user experience (UX) concepts have surfaced on the Internet, and according to the person who came up with the designs, he worked for Microsoft on UX design for Windows Mobile 7. Some examples of the designs have been posted, though you can’t really confirm how accurate it is until the real deal is unveiled (probably at the upcoming Mobile World Congress). In his own words:“NDA dictates I […]

HTC HD2 On T-Mobile To Sport Beefed Up Specs
It sure took the HTC HD2 a long time to come to the US, but for those of you Windows Mobile fans, we’re sure it’ll have been worth the wait. T-Mobile will be offering this phone, and the best part is, your patience is rewarded with better specs. The original HTC HD2 sports 512MB ROM, 448MB of RAM, and ships with a 2GB microSD card, the version that T-Mobile will […]

Windows 7 rumors abound
Mobile World Congress (MWC) is coming up pretty soon next month, and needless to say there are more and more rumors swirling the Windows 7 operating system that might make or break Microsoft where mobile operating systems are concerned. First of all, Windows Mobile 7 won’t be marketed as Windows Mobile 7, with a new, much shorter name of just “Seven” having to suffice. Consumers will most probably be able […]