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Motorola Droid X owners can rock to Android 2.2.1
If you’re a proud owner of a Motorola Droid X, then you might be pleased to know that the Android 2.2.1 build is now available, although you will need to perform some sort of software surgery on your Droid X before 2.2.1 is up and running. Apart from having a rooted device and being an experienced user, those who have less intenstinal fortitude to take the road less traveled can […]

Motorola Droid X could receive special edition
Remember the Motorola Droid 2 that came out not too long ago? Well, there was a recently released Motorola Droid 2 Global edition which came out, working in just about any country in the world as long as there is a legit SIM card inside. The Motorola Droid X might follow suit, where its Special Edition is touted to come with a superior 1.2GHz processor, while ditching the all-black design […]

Droid X Review
Droid X Review - The Motorola Droid X has arrived to augment Motorola's high-end smartphone offering. With an enormous screen and a fast hardware platform

Droid X Users Consume 5x The Amount Of Data
It’s already a fairly known fact that mobile data usage has increased a lot recently due to the many powerful smartphones in the market, and AT&T’s network is already quite well known for having trouble keeping up with the iPhone’s data demands. Now Jennifer Byrne, executive director at Verizon, has stated that the Droid X users seem to consume about five times the amount of data usage than any other […]


Motorola Droid X rooted
So we all have heard about Motorola’s Droid X suffering from Wi-Fi reception issues, but that doesn’t mean interest in the phone has dwindled. No sir, it seems that the smartphone might just get even more popular with word of the Droid X being rooted successfully thanks to a user who prefers to go by the moniker Birdman. Of course, this person is definitely no bird brain to achieve something […]

Motorola Droid X And HTC Incredible To Ship In August
Verizon seems to be having some bittersweet moments recently. While the Droid Incredible and the recently-released Droid X have been met with much demand, the bad news is that the carrier has been having trouble keeping up with demand for the devices (which is a nice problem to have, actually). According to Verizon’s website, folks who want to get hold of the HTC Droid Incredible and the Motorola Droid X […]

Motorola Droid X HDMI Output Only Supports Pics And Vids Taken On The Device
Word is going around the Motorola’s Android-powered Droid X has certain limitations when it comes to HDMI output, as a developer is quoted as saying that the only time the HDMI driver on the device is enabled is when it’s in the gallery mode, which is the native photo and recorded video viewing application. Could this mean that users will not be able to copy their high-definition videos into the […]