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How To Enable Private Browsing On Chrome, Firefox and Edge
Whether you are using a friend’s or your parents’ computer, or you just plainly wish to keep your online tracks secret, private browsing is always a good option – a feature supported by all major web browsers.

Twitter Agrees to Do Not Track Option On Browsers
Many websites collect information about visitors through cookies. Some of them include prominent sites such as Facebook. The collected data can be used for advertising and can even be sold to other companies looking to fill up their database with potential consumers. Now however, it seems that micro-blogging site Twitter, is looking to make a difference in that area. On Thursday, the company made an announcement it was working with […]

Mozilla will not play hide-and-seek with Firefox version numbers
Remember our earlier story where we talked about Mozilla mulling over whether to hide Firefox version numbers? Well, to put it in a nutshell, plenty has been discussed to and fro, and in the end, Mozilla decided that it would be better to leave its Firefox version numbers as they were before. Guess those of you who thought you might miss the old ‘About Firefox’ window will be able to […]

Mozilla wants to deliver improved online privacy
Mozilla, the name behind the Firefox browser, is currently working on a new feature which will allow users of their browser to opt-out of online behavioral advertising. The whole idea behind this? To offer users “a deeper understanding of and control over personal information online,” at least according to Mozilla’s head of privacy. To put it in layman’s terms, this will let you configure your Firefox browser, having it inform […]


Opera Download Numbers Double Thanks To The Introduction Of Choice Screen
The folks over at Opera must be smiling from ear to ear after Microsoft was forced to introduce the Windows Web Browser Choice Screen in Europe. The Web Browser Choice Screen prompts users if they want to download competing browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera etc. Now Opera is reporting that the number of downloads has more than doubled across the European continent, with some countries even […]