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Windows Phone porting guide for Symbian developers
I suppose if you’re a Symbian developer, life can be quite the tough package at the moment – after all, it surely can’t feel too good knowing that the platform you’re developing for is dying a slow but sure death. Why not look to greener pastures, with Microsoft and Nokia working together on a package of new tools which intends to prepare Nokia developers in advance before they make the […]

Xbox 360 might get Skype integration
Microsoft’s Xbox 360 looks set to be getting Skype integrated – sooner than later, of course. After all, Microsoft’s most recent Xbox awards survey saked, “Other than playing games, which of the following activities do you enjoy on Xbox 360?” Among the answers include viewing your favorite DVDs and Zune movies, while “using Skype” also makes up one of the answers. Surely Microsoft is not going to talk about the […]

Microsoft offers free Xbox 360 with PC purchase to students
Is it a good time to be a student now with ever rising college fees and the high cost of living? Perhaps so if you’re a gamer, as Microsoft will be throwing in a free Xbox 360 4GB console with each PC purchase of $699 and above – from May 22nd onwards. This offer will be made available to online shoppers who purchase a PC from,, or Microsoft’s […]

San Francisco on cloud (nine) with Microsoft
Microsoft and San Francisco have agreed and signed a contract which will see cloud services being introduced to 23,000 or so municipal employees. This transition to Microsoft Exchange Online will be done in a continuous phase over the next year, where employees from more than 60 departments and agencies will be involved. On May 18th, city executives held a conference call that suggested the initiative would involve around $1.2 million […]


Microsoft, Toyota team up for automotive telecommunications platform
Microsoft will be working closely with Toyota to churn out a new automotive telecommunications platform that will be based on Windows Azure. Just what will this telecommunications platform offer to the end users? For starters, it will help manage the energy efficiency of electric cars as well as hybrids whenever they recharge from the mains. According to CEO Microsoft Steve Ballmer, this platform will come into existence thanks to the […]

Microsoft Kinect now runs on OS X
We all know that the Kinect’s Windows open source code is already available to the masses, and it didn’t take too long for someone else to hack it so that it can run on the OS X. Hacker Theo Watson is responsible for this OS X port of libfreenect, where it is actually a library that enables you to run Kinect’s output directly into OS X. This is a nifty […]

Microsoft unveils Xbox 360 Dashboard update as promised
Microsoft knows that a man is only as good as his word, and the company on the whole has kept theirs by unveiling the fall Xbox 360 Dashboard update. With this update, you will find a wide range of features that were shown off at E3, where most of the focus fell on Kinect controller support for games, video chat, as well as gesture and voice commands in the UI […]

Microsoft Project Natal up close and personal
The Engadget folks came across the much anticipated Project Natal from Microsoft, where it could very well be the retail version for all you know, despite being obviously marked as a developer unit. It looks pretty huge, measuring more than half the length of the Xbox 360 console itself (when the latter is lying down on its side) from the image you see above. We hope that the final product […]

Microsoft Tag now out of beta
Microsoft Tag is actually a mobile application which relies on Microsoft’s own barcode technology (known as High Capacity Color Barcode, or HCCB), where it is now coming out of beta and the reader is available (for free) for the following platforms – Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm OS. It is also available for J2ME handsets if you decide to swing that way. Microsoft Tag is able to […]

Microsoft working to fix hole in a 64-bit Windows 7 graphics display component
Microsoft is currently working hard to fix hole in a 64-bit Windows 7 graphics display component which could potentially be exploited by those with nefarious motives, where it is able to crash the system or even take control of the computer by running code remotely. This vulnerability affects 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, and Itanium-based Windows Server 2008 R2, and Microsoft hopes to have a […]

Microsoft Kin Two teardown
The Kin Two from Microsoft is more or less the maiden collaboration between NVIDIA and Microsoft where a cellphone is concerned, where the folks at Chipworks took one apart to find an 8-megapixel image sensor within, making it one of the first few camera phones that features 720p HD video capability, not to mention 256MB RAM and 8-Gbit of flash memory for all your data storage needs. As for the […]

White Microsoft Arc Keyboard now available on Amazon
Looks like the white version of the Microsoft Arc Keyboard is now available to the masses, although they will need to pick it up as an exclusive from Coming in a white and lime green finish, this sleek special edition Arc Keyboard sports a curved profile, clean lines and a lightweight portable design which ought to enhance the look of any desktop. It will communicate with your computer via […]

Microsoft Tag could be the next CueCat
Rewind your memories and see whether you remember CueCat – a bar code reader that supposedly connects magazine readers with digital material. Never heard of it? That’s OK – Microsoft ought to do a better job promoting its upcoming Microsoft Tag, which could very well be CueCat reincarnated (a cat has nine lives after all, doesn’t it?). Microsoft Tag keeps up with the times, however, by doing away with the […]

MSI dual-screen notebook
[CES 2010] MSI was demoing its all-touch computer that has two screens. It can be used as a book, or a “normal” computer, as one of the screens can act as a virtual keyboard. The possibilities are endless – in theory. For example, you could imagine having a special virtual keyboard for games or applications like Photoshop where there is a ton of shortcuts to learn. Instead, you could have […]