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Sony Walkman Z series with Android
[CES 2012] The Sony Android Walkman was first shown at IFA as a prototype and officially announced on September 13th, when it launched in Japan. Today at CES, Sony is officially launching the Walkman Z series running Android 2.3 (GingerBread) in the US in three flavors: the 32G model at $329.99, the 16G model at $279.99 and the 8G at $249.99.On the hardware side, the device boasts a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra […]

Motorola’s MotoActive could be a sports watch and music player combo
It seems that Motorola has been sending out surveys to a select few customers to gauge their response to an upcoming product. Unfortunately for tablet or smartphone hopefuls, it will be neither, but instead it appears that Motorola has plans to launch a watch that combines fitness and music together, much like the Nike+ SportWatch.

Panamp for the iPhone aims to replaces the native music player
Tired of the default music player app on your iPhone? So are the folks over at Clever & Son who decided to come up with their own iPhone music player app called Panamp. With a whole new set of features to differentiate it from the default app, including a sleek looking interface, Panamp is a music playing app that attempts to improve the music listening experience on the iPhone.Panamp is […]

Chumby8 digital photo frame announced
Chumby has just announced the release of their next generation Chumby digital photo frame, the Chumby8. What sets the Chumby8 apart from other digital photo frames is that instead of only serving up photographs, the Chumby8 also has the ability to connect to the internet (through WiFi), run apps, as well as play music. Over 1,500 free apps have been made available for the Chumby8, letting users personalize the photo […]


Android 3.0 Honeycomb music player demonstrated
We do know that Google’s Android platform is capable of offering Over The Air (OTA) streaming services in a music player as demonstrated at the 2010 Google I/O developer conference, but that music player will not debut in the upcoming Android 2.3 Gingerbread update. Instead, individuals who hope to find said music player will have to wait until Android 3.0 Honeycomb rolls around. A video of this music player was […]

IDEO C60 Redux RFID Music Player
Design studio IDEO has recently come up with a cool device that is dubbed the C60 Redux. If you’re feeling nostalgic, this setup allows you to blend the past with current technology. This device features a turntable and a set of cards. Each of these cards (that look like tapes) contain two RFID tags, with a tag representing a song. Just drop a card on the turntable and it’ll begin […]