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HTC Speak: a Siri competitor?
The HTC Endeavor’s RUU (ROM Upgrade Utility) leaked recently, which gave us more details about the smartphone. Unsatisfied with just finding out its specs, people have continued digging around and in the process uncovered some interesting information about the phone. Apparently, HTC might have some sort of Siri competitor up its sleeves. An app called HTC Speak has been discovered as part of Sense 4.0, and it features “microphone” and […]

Ford B-MAX car to debut at MWC 2012
As most of you guys probably know by now, MWC 2012 is nearly upon us. The event is scheduled for the 27th of February and is expected to be the largest mobile device event of the year. However if you were looking forward to seeing more than just new smartphones and tablets being unveiled, you could be in luck as Ford has announced that they will be unveiling a car […]

Huawei to announce Ascend D1 Q and MediaPad 10 at MWC 2012?
Huawei recently sent out invitations to its upcoming press conference at the Mobile World Congress 2012, and while the invitation doesn’t let on much, it has been reported that the company has got some interesting devices to announce. According to reports online, Huawei is scheduled to announce the Ascend D1 Q: a quad-core Android smartphone. Other than its name, we don’t have any more details at the moment, but we’ll […]

LG Optimus 3D 2 leaked ahead of launch?
LG showed off its first 3D phone, the Optimus 3D at MWC last year and it looks like it’ll be doing the same thing this year again. An image and some details of the phone have surfaced today, revealing the phone ahead of its purported launch date. The LG Optimus 3D 2 is said to have a higher resolution IPS display (most probably the HD AH-IPS display on the LG […]


LG Optimus Vu shows up next to a Samsung Galaxy Note
Last week, a video of the LG Optimus Vu made its way online and not long after a photograph of the phone surfaced as well. In the photograph, we can see the 5″ LG Optimus Vu next to Samsung’s 5.3″ Galaxy Note. Even though LG’s big smartphone only has a 5″ display, it is shorter but wider than the Galaxy Note due to its 4:3 aspect ratio (the Galaxy Note […]

Nokia Lumia 730 to be revealed at MWC?
More rumors about what Nokia will be showing off at this year’s MWC are surfacing again. This time it’s a new device called the Nokia Lumia 730. The phone won’t be featuring a ClearBlack Display or a polycarbonate casing but it will have capacitive buttons, LTE and CDMA support, and an 8-megapixel camera. It is also said to cost as much as the Nokia Lumia 710. Seems to me like […]

HTC Endeavour to be shown off at MWC 2012?
HTC has been taking the first part of its slogan pretty seriously of late – by being quiet more than brilliant, but we’re pretty sure it will have something to amaze us in a few weeks time at MWC 2012. The Taiwanese company is rumored to have the device that might just steal the show. Called the HTC Endeavour, it is supposed to feature a 4.7″ display with 720p HD […]

Acer CloudMobile smartphone to be unveiled at MWC 2012
Looking for the next Android smartphone from Acer? Word has it that the company recently won an iF design award 2012 for its CloudMobile smartphone for its outstanding achievement in design. The phone which hasn’t been publicly announced before is definitely one of the sweetest looking phones we’ve seen in awhile. Featuring sleek curves in all the right places and thin side bezels, the Acer CloudMobile is one attractive-looking phone.It […]

LG's MWC 2012 media event will debut "new revolutionary smartphones"
Looking forward to MWC 2012? We know we are as we can’t wait to see what handset manufacturers and companies around the world have in store for us. Well LG is one such company and they have recently started sending out invites to their media event which will take place during MWC 2012, and according to their invite (as pictured above), it seems that we will be witness to LG’s […]

NVIDIA to showcase Tegra 3 products at MWC 2012
NVIDIA has started sending out invitations to its press conference at Mobile World Congress this year and it’s no surprise to what they’ll be showcasing. Clearly stating it on the invitation, the company will be showing off “the latest quad-core innovations from NVIDIA”. With 2012 being touted as the year of the quad-core SoCs (just like how last year was all about dual-core), it’s no surprise that we get a […]

Nokia 803 leaked?
It looks like Nokia has quite a number of devices under wraps – after reports of the Nokia 801 yesterday, rumors of yet another Nokia device have sprouted up. This time it’s from the folks over at BGR who have got some information on a device called the Nokia 803 – a Nokia Belle running phone that has a 4″ AMOLED display, an HDMI-out port, microSIM support and NFC capabilities. […]

Windows 8 Consumer Preview to be released on February 29th
For those of you with tons of questions about Windows 8 and can’t wait to find out what it’s like, this year’s MWC is going to give you some of the answers. Microsoft has started sending out invitations for a February 29th event titled “Windows 8 Consumer Preview” – which is the Wednesday of MWC 2012.  And if you’re wondering why Microsoft would choose to a mobile event to showcase […]

High-end Nokia Windows Phone to launch at MWC?
Nokia and Windows Phone seems to be in the news a lot recently – and now we’ve got one more article to add to that growing stack. According to Forbes’ industry source – the Finnish phone giant will be unveiling “at least one new, high-end handset” at Mobile World Congress 2012 this month. Assuming the source of the information is correct, it looks like there will be one more Nokia phone […]

LG-P700 and LG-P880 surface before MWC 2012
The Mobile World Congress is in a few weeks time, and it looks like the upcoming devices from phone manufacturers are making the usual early appearances. Latest to join the party is a pair of devices from LG – the LG-P700 and LG-P880. Not much is known about the devices, but here is what we know so far: the LG-P700 will run Ice Cream Sandwich and will have a 640 […]