Nexus X “Shamu” Possibly Teased In Google’s Android Commercial

If anything, Google has not be very subtle when it comes to teasing new devices. After all last year’s Nexus 5 was not-so-subtly spotted in a Google video which unveiled the KitKat statue, so in all honesty why would the upcoming Nexus X “Shamu” be any different? Well thanks to a new Android commercial that was released, it seems that Google might have tipped us off to the next-gen Nexus […]

WSJ: Nexus X To Launch Sometime This Month

Will Motorola’s Nexus X be your next Android smartphone? Well if you had your eye on the device especially after its rumored specs has made it extremely compelling, you might be interested to learn that the Nexus X has been rumored for a launch later this month. This is according to a report from The Wall Street Journal who claims that the handset could be due for a launch sometime […]

Nexus X “Shamu” Spotted At GeekBench, Looks Impressive

We have heard the rumors that the upcoming Nexus X/Nexus 6 from Motorola could be due for a launch this month, although at this point in time there have been no invites sent out by Google or Motorola, so we guess as far as a release date is concerned, it’s still pretty much up in the air at the moment. That being said, it seems that the handset has recently […]

More Nexus X Details Surface

There has been a fair amount of buzz surrounding the upcoming Google Nexus X for quite some time now (which is also known as the Nexus 6 just in case you were wondering), so much so that plenty of ground concerning the device has already been covered. For instance, it is widely speculated that the final iteration of the Nexus X will arrive with a 5.9” display at QHD (2560 […]


Motorola Shamu Mock Up Spotted

In the past, we have seen a smartphone that is known as the Nexus 6, as well as the Nexus X, or even carry the code name Shamu – it does not matter, since a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, similar to this upcoming device from the folks over at Motorola. Word has it that this particular device is set to be revealed in due […]

Yet Another Nexus X Leak Arrives

It looks like the Nexus X is not one to shy away from rumors, as yet another leak has hit the news today with French retailer showing up a listing for the device – before said page was removed after someone at must have spotted the faux pas. In the revealed listing (which thankfully, some fast thinking person managed to grab a screenshot of it in the first […]

Nexus X Benchmarks “Confirms” Android L To Be Android 5.0

Android 4.0 was Ice Cream Sandwich and many had expected Google to jump to Android 5.0 with Jelly Bean. Instead Jelly Bean was introduced in Android 4.1, which was then followed by Android KitKat at version 4.4. This undoubtedly threw off some predictions and had us wondering which version of Android will Android L be? Well according to a recent post by TK Tech News, it has been “confirmed” in […]