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Microsoft And Amazon Confirmed To Be Interested In Tech For Self-Driving Cars
It was reported recently that both Amazon and Microsoft are looking at an opportunity to acquire a stake in Here, the mapping technology for self-driving cars. There has been no official comment on the matter from Amazon or Microsoft but now Daimler has confirmed that the two tech giants are indeed interested in acquiring a stake in this potentially game-changing technology for self-driving cars.

HERE Enhances Global Transit Routes And Extends Offline Mapping To Africa 
Offline maps were first brought in the light by Nokia’s HERE maps and now even Google Maps is going to tread the same path of offline mapping. Now to keep an upper hand, HERE is enhancing its services so that it can keep its users from going to other providers.

Nokia HERE Maps Business Might Be Sold
Nokia is reportedly considering a possible sale of its HERE Maps business so that it can focus more on its wireless-network unit, this according to a new report, which claims that the company might take this step to improve its debt rating. The company has reportedly reached out to some potential buyers such as private equity firms and even ridesharing service Uber Technologies, which relies heavily on a mapping service.

Nokia HERE For iPhone Makes Its Return
Nokia’s plans to bring back the HERE Maps app for iPhone have been known for a while now. Today the company finally released the app for the iPhone. HERE Maps makes its return to Apple’s smartphone after being away for over a year. It is one of the best mapping service alternative for users who want something else than Apple’s native Maps app or even Google Maps.


HERE Maps For iOS Coming Next Year
Even though the two most popular mobile platforms, iOS and Android, provide users with their own mapping services many believe that the Nokia HERE mapping service is actually a pretty good alternative. HERE landed on Android earlier this year first as a Samsung exclusive. We’ve never lost hope for an iOS version and now the company has confirmed that HERE Maps for iOS is going to be released in 2015.

Nokia HERE For Android Download Available From Google Play
Google has done a pretty good job with Google Maps, so that pretty much ensures you don’t feel the need for any other mapping service particularly if you’re on Android, the company’s mobile operating system. If Google Maps isn’t your cup of tea then Nokia HERE is a good alternative. It landed on Android a few months back but at the time it was exclusive to Samsung devices. Later an APK […]

Nokia HERE Maps Released For All Android Devices
Not too long ago Nokia announced that it was releasing HERE Maps for Android. There was just one caveat though. The mapping software was exclusive to Android devices made by Samsung. Well there’s good news today if you have been waiting for Nokia’s mapping service to land on your Android device. Today the company has announced that HERE Maps is being released for all Android devices, so it is no […]

Nokia HERE Maps for Android APK Leaked
It has not been long since Nokia announced that its HERE mapping service will soon be available for Android. Even though its devices and services business was sold to Microsoft, Nokia has retained the mapping division and even now it is under the control and ownership of the Finnish company. Nokia had said that HERE would come to Android through select partners, with Samsung being the first one. However the Nokia […]

Nokia HERE Maps For iOS Will Make A Return Soon
Nokia may have sold its iconic devices and services division to Microsoft but there are still certain businesses that it hasn’t let go off, mapping for instance still remains with the Finnish company. Nokia HERE Maps have made quite a name for themselves and they happen to be a popular mapping service on Windows Phone smartphones. Less than a year back the HERE Maps for iOS app was pulled but Nokia […]