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Oppo N1 Receives Official Cyanogen CM11S ROM
The Oppo N1 rolled out a couple of years ago, and that particular model certainly captured the imagination of the masses thanks to an innovative rotating camera lens, in addition to top class hardware as well as Android 4.2 Jelly Bean as the operating system of choice, skinned with Oppo’s Color launcher, of course. The Oppo N1 also held the distinction of being the very first handset to be on […]

Android 4.4 Confirmed For Oppo Find 5 And Oppo N1
Oppo is a Chinese company that makes some very popular smartphones. Granted that most of the company’s products don’t ever see the world outside the Great Wall but some of its flagships have been sold in other countries and they have been well received. The company said in August that one of its old flagships, the Oppo Find 5, will not receive the Android 4.4 KitKat update. That announcement certainly […]

Oppo N1 Pepsi Edition Revealed
It was just last week that the Oppo N1 was launched, making it the world’s first smartphone to come with the popular CyanogenMod ROM preinstalled. Well for those looking for a slightly different design for their Oppo N1 handset, perhaps the Pepsi edition could be of interest to you! Pictured above is the Oppo N1 which will come with a Pepsi-theme launched and packaging, but other than that the internal […]

First CyanogenMod Phone Available Now
The folks at CyanogenMod are credited with creating the most popular custom ROMs for Android devices, but they have moved far behind cooking custom firmware. While they still do that, CyanogenMod has now incorporated the company and has diversified its operations. The first ever CyanogenMod phone, built in collaboration with Oppo, is available now. It will be the first smartphone in the world to ship with CyanogenMod flavored Android pre-installed. […]


Oppo N1 Is First Google CTS-Certified CyanogenMod Phone
Oppo’s N1 that will arrive with CyanogenMod 10.2 right out of the box has recently passed Google’s compatibility test suite (CTS), which would more or less mean it will officially be able to support Google’s Play Store – and that translates to Oppo N1 owners being able to install apps of their choice. It is a historical moment actually, as it signifies the very first time that CyanogenMod has been […]

Oppo N1 Will See US Release On 10th December
It was several months ago that we heard rumors of the Oppo N1 which was then confirmed. What made the device special was not because of its hardware, but rather the fact that it will be the first Android phone to come with CyanogenMod preinstalled as an option. Given that there are many Android users out there who aren’t too pleased with how manufacturers are creating their UI, CyanogenMod has […]

Oppo N1 Limited Edition Announced, Will Come With Extra Goodies
When one thinks of custom Android ROMs for their smartphone, chances are CyanogenMod comes to mind. This is because CyanogenMod is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for Android devices due to its wide compatibility and strong development team. However flashing a custom ROM might not be for everyone, especially the less tech savvy, which is why when it was rumored that the Oppo N1 could be the […]

Oppo N1 Global Launch Is Apparently Next Month
Oppo, a Chinese manufacturer, announced the N1 only recently. On paper, it has enough specifications to rival devices from major global manufacturers. It appears that Oppo is aiming high with the N1 and that it might be looking to roll out the device globally. A presentation by the CynaogenMod team hints at the ETA of N1’s global launch, it may happen as early as next month.The Oppo N1 launches in […]

Oppo N1 Officially Revealed
Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has just lifted up the curtain on their most recent flagship smartphone over at a special event in Beijing, China. Needless to say, it is the much awaited Oppo N1, where it will be powered by the most recent version of the company’s very own Color user interface. The Oppo N1 is a beauty to behold for sure, where it was developed with a 5.9″ Full […]

Oppo N1 Might Be First CyanogenMod Smartphone
The Oppo N1 has been teased for some time now by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, where we are looking forward in anticipation for the unveiling of this device to happen this coming September 23rd. So far, there has not been anything out of the ordinary concerning the software that this model will use, although a new teaser video might change things. After all, this particular teaser video starred Steve Kondik […]

Oppo N1 Might Be The First CyanogenMod Powered Smartphone
CyanogenMod custom ROMs for the Android OS are without a doubt one of the widely used ROMs. Cyanogen is actually now a company, it announced yesterday that it has raised $7 million in funding, which it is going to put towards making CyanogenMod the third most popular mobile operating system out there. This goal entails that Cyanogen overtake Windows Phone and BlackBerry, it won’t be able to do that if it […]

Oppo N1 Launches On September 23rd
A few weeks ago we picked up on rumors that Oppo, a mobile phone manufacturer based in China, was launching a new “N-lens” smartphone that would give the likes of HTC One and Lumia 1020 a run for their money. It was rumored that this Oppo smartphone would challenge the camera quality of both of these devices. We’ve come to know since then that this smartphone is going to be […]

Oppo N1 Rear Touch Panel Confirmed
Chinese manufacturer Oppo is said to be working on a new smartphone which is called the Oppo N1, and while there were initial whispers of a rear touch panel making its way to the handset, here we are with further confirmation. This particular touch panel that will be located on the upcoming flagship Oppo N1’s back does remind us of the volume keys that have been evicted from the sides […]

Oppo N1 Gets September Launch
It was just earlier this morning when we talked about the Oppo R819 that claimed to be the “thinnest and lightest smartphone” in the world, and this time around we have word that the Oppo N1, yet another handset from the Chinese manufacturer, is all set to be launched next month. This particular device does seem to shape up to be part of the Oppo N-Lens Series which was leaked […]