LG Optimus G headed for AT&T and Sprint with different cameras

All right, we did take a look at the LG Optimus G sometime at the end of last month, and we do know that the smartphone itself is not too far away from a US release sometime later this November, which is a month after the handset rolls out in Japan. While pricing details are unavailable, at least we have more concrete information on just which carrier in the US […]

More rumors suggest that LG’s Optimus G could be the next Nexus device

A week ago we reported that according to the rumors, LG’s upcoming Optimus G Android phone could also be one of the several upcoming Google Nexus handsets. Well it seems that Spanish website, Movilzona has “confirmed” that possibility. This is according to their source who apparently is connected to Vodafone (or at least that’s what Google Translate has suggested), who has also offered up some additional details about LG’s rumored […]

LG Optimus G more details – preview with videos

Yesterday, I was at the LG Optimus G launch event in Seoul and I could briefly play with a unit and post a hands -on. This morning, the LG flagship smartphone was launched in the US at a press conference in New-York.I finally got the time to shoot additional photos of the Optimus G white version, which is the model I prefer.  So far, I am really impressed by the […]

LG Optimus G could also be the Optimus Nexus? [Rumor]

So it seems that LG’s Optimus G will be making its way into the US market come November, but will it be as the Optimus G or will it be as Google’s next Nexus handset? A few days ago, the Samsung GT-i9260 was spotted in a User Agent Profile which gave rise to the speculation that this could be the next Nexus device. However this was not a guarantee as […]


LG Optimus G to make its way stateside in November

It wasn’t too long ago when LG Korea officially presented to the world their latest and possibly greatest Android smartphone to date – the LG Optimus G. While it will be available for those living in Korea starting from next week, those in other countries can expect it in October, but does that include the US? Given that US carriers have a habit of tweaking phones to their specifications in […]

LG Optimus G: hands-on with LG’s latest and greatest

As I have posted earlier, we are in Seoul/South Korea, where LG has unveiled its high-end LG Optimus G smartphone. After spending some time with the handset, I’m going to give you my first impressions, but before I do that let’s go back to the main specifications to provide some context for those who are just jumping on board now.The LG Optimus G is the first handset powered by Qualcomm’s […]

LG Optimus G launches with Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro, 4G LTE and 13 MP Camera

Today, the long rumored LG Optimus G was officially presented at a press conference in Korea which we attended. With this flagship 4G LTE smartphone and its powerful hardware, LG is also pushing what they call a “unique user experience” with a number of interesting user interface custom features.The most impressive addition to the software is the QSlide Function, a feature that allows to display two application screens simultaneously, thus […]

LG Optimus G makes its commercial debut in Korea

Come 19th of September, LG and Qualcomm are set to make an announcement which some believe could very well be the LG Optimus G. Previously it was rumored that the Optimus G could be announced for the US this week and thanks to a commercial debut in South Korea, it leaves little to the imagination as to what LG and Qualcomm’s upcoming event will be about. The commercial itself doesn’t […]

LG, Qualcomm announce September 19th event for a new smartphone

Rumors have been doing their rounds on the web that LG is expected to go forth with the launch of a smartphone of its own some time next week. We reported that an NYC event is expected on September 19th. And now, LG has confirmed the date and the event by rolling out official invites.We have already seen a whole plethora of smartphone launches this month. Nokia came up with […]

LG to announce Optimus G US release next week?

LG teased us earlier with a new promo ad that boasted their Optimus G’s 13MP camera, and as much as we’d love to get our hands on the phone and try it for ourselves, a release date still remains a mystery but according to the folks at CNET, LG is expected to be hosting an event in NYC on the 19th of September, while another event will be held in […]

New LG Optimus G promo video released, promises “world beating image quality” from its camera

LG’s Optimus G Android smartphone while certainly sporting some extremely powerful specs has yet to be released, but LG is looking to keep it in the forefront of our minds by releasing a new promo video (after this teaser not too long ago) where emphasis was placed on the phone’s camera. LG claims that this camera will be of “world beating image quality” but we guess we will have to […]

LG Optimus G gets a new teaser video to remind us of its presence

A couple of weeks ago we reported that LG had officially announced the Optimus G, which safe to say is probably their best phone to date and can probably compete with the higher-end Android smartphones in the market. Pricing and availability was not mentioned at that time, probably due to LG making arrangements with carriers, but it looks like LG has decided to tease us with the phone in a […]

LG Optimus G makes its official debut with Qualcomm’s quad-core processor on board

It wasn’t too long ago that the LG Optimus G’s specs were leaked, and while leaks should be taken with a degree of skepticism, LG confirmed it by launching a website dedicated to their next-gen smartphone which many believed would be called the LG Optimus G. Well the good news for folks eagerly anticipating the device is that LG has officially taken the wraps off the handset and has introduced […]

LG Optimus G photo spotted online

Earlier we had reported that LG had in a way confirmed some of the specs of its upcoming flagship phone, which many believe will be known as the LG Optimus G. Unfortunately the design of the phone has yet to be seen, but thanks to the folks at AndroidMX, they have managed to get their hands on the device as pictured above. With confirmed specs pointing at a 1280×768 True […]