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Orange Serves Up Nivo, San Remo And Lumo Android-Powered Smartphones
French mobile operator Orange does have a presence in other countries as well, and they have just announced a trio of spanking new Android-powered smartphones. While these three handsets will not shatter your world by occupying the high end side of things, they are certainly decent enough to use as a workman’s device. A couple of these will be powered by Qualcomm chips, although the San Remo relies on a […]

French carrier Orange announces Facebook "social calling" service
There have been plenty of rumors suggesting that Facebook could be interested in making another mobile phone despite the less than stellar reception they had with the HTC ChaCha. Whether those rumors pan out remain to be seen, but in the meantime it certainly looks like the social networking giant has a lot of interest as far as the mobile scene is concerned. French carrier Orange has recently announced that […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Quick Tap Contactless Payment Service
 The notion of contactless payments with the help of a mobile has been around for quite some time. However, we didn’t see any large-scale use of such a feature so far. This may change as the Samsung Galaxy S3 gets a contactless payment service, thanks to Orange and Barclaycard.With this, the Galaxy S3 has effectively become the first ever Android phone to make use of a contactless payment service – […]

Orange San Diego Intel-powered Android handset official unveiled
A couple of days ago, we reported that UK carrier Orange was set to debut the Intel-powered Android handset today. True to their word, the carrier has officially taken the wraps off the Orange San Diego. The device was previously codenamed Santa Clara but we guess it got a name change upon its release. The handset is expected to launch on the 6th of June with both pay-as-you-go and monthly […]


Orange's Intel-based Santa Clara Android smartphone to be showcased this week
Early this year, we first caught a glimpse of the Intel-based Android smartphone from Orange. But it was at the Mobile World Congress when the carrier officially announced the phone with its name, Santa Clara. We even got the chance to grab a few demos on the device alongside other Intel Medfield-powered devices. Specification-wise, the Santa Clara features a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor Z2460, a 4.03? 1024 x 600 […]

Orange UK launches registration page for Intel-based Santa Clara smartphone
Intel announced their plans for mobile phones last year that will be powered by the company’s Medfield chipset. So far it seems that the first Intel-based smartphone has been launched in India as the Lava XOLO X900, but what happened to the Orange Santa Clara that was designated for the UK market? The good news for UK residents is that the carrier Orange has since launched a registration page for […]

Orange Santa Clara Smartphone with Intel Hands On
[MWC 2012] After the Intel press conference last night we got a few demos of the new Intel Medfield devices including the newly announced Orange Smartphone codenamed Santa Clara. Intel touts its Medfield platform to provide blazing speed and high fluidity to the user interface, internet browsing, HD video playback and 3D gaming.

UK carrier Orange to launch Intel powered handset of their own?
A while back we reported on a leaked Motorola phone that not only would come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on board, but would also be powered by Intel’s upcoming mobile processor, the Medfield platform. Well if you’ve enjoyed Intel’s processors so far on the desktop, notebook and netbooks, you might be pleased to hear that another Intel-powered smartphone may be coming in the form of the London by […]

Nokia Lumia 800 sales will be limited to select partners in the UK
With Nokia putting all of their proverbial eggs into the Windows Phone basket, you would think that they’d be eager to get their handsets out to as many people as possible. Oddly enough they chose to do a European launch first, followed by a US launch next year, but now it seems that even in Europe, not everyone will be able to get their hands on the device.

HTC and Orange to launch Windows Phone try before you buy program in Poland
Good news for folks living in Poland thinking about picking up a Windows Phone device. Instead of just forking out the money or trading in their current phones without knowing what they’re in for, consumers will get the chance to borrow a HTC 7 Mozart phone from Orange stores for a limited period of time to see what it’s like to live with a Windows Phone device. After all, you […]

NTT DoCoMo and Orange work on 3D smartphone for Europe
Continents are bridged as NTT DoCoMo of Japan and Orange have come together to work on a new 3D smartphone that will arrive in Europe – France specifically, thanks to hardware provided by Sharp in the form of the Sharp Aquos Phone SH80F. Of course, if that is a mouthful to speak (and remember), perhaps a more abbreviated SH-12C would be more advisable? The Aquos Phone SH80F will feature a […]

iPhone 5 to be released 15th October according to France Telecom's CEO
When is the iPhone 5 coming out? That’s probably a question many are dying to know the answer to, and so far based on the rumors in the past, we’ve come across dates such as vague as “end of September” to “early October”, and more specific dates such as October 7th and October 21st, but now for those tracking the release of the iPhone 5, October 15th is another date […]

PENTAX Optio WG-1 GPS now available in orange
Unsatisfied with the current color choices for the PENTAX Optio WG-1 GPS camera? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. PENTAX has just announced that the Optio WG-1 GPS camera will soon be available in a new color choice: orange. Together with the other color choices for the WG-1 GPS (purple, black, green and gray) that brings the number of colors for this camera up to five.The PENTAX Optio […]

Orange Sound Charge T-shirt keeps your phone juiced at gigs
While a smartphone is an awesome device to have, one of its biggest drawbacks when compared to regular feature phones is its battery life. Many phones have trouble making it through a full day (sometimes even half the day when it is used a lot). Consumers are relying on using backup batteries or bringing chargers around just to make sure their devices stay juiced throughout the day.On the other hand, […]

Volunteers required for 4G LTE trial in Cornwall, UK
Tech enthusiasts should make a trip to Cornwall – after all, that area currently requires volunteers to participate in the trial of a new high-speed 4G broadband connection as part of a joint project by Everything Everywhere and BT. This trial will run from September to December in South Newquay, where it will have its main focus on broadband delivering in expensive-to-reach rural areas. This is also a golden opportunity […]

Next iPhone to be smaller and thinner?
Could the previous rumors of a smaller, thinner iPhone with a larger edge-to-edge screen be true? Apparently the CEO of France Telecom seems to think so. In a recent interview he had with AllThingsD, he dropped some vague hints to what the next iPhone would be. The next iPhone is said to be smaller and thinner due to the development of smaller SIM cards that the carrier has been working […]

Orange UK Offers A Sunvisor For Your Mobile Phone
Mobile phones are a great way of keeping in touch with the latest news, but the one thing that manufacturers are still struggling to sort out is the fact that the these mobile displays never look too good when you’re outdoors in the presence of the sun. So what do you do if you’re trying to keep up with the latest World Cup scores when you’re in the park? Orange […]

Orange UK unveils 28 iPhone 4 plans
Orange UK must have employed a whole lot of mathematically inclined staff – after all, they have not 3 or 4 different plans for the upcoming iPhone 4. No sir, Orange UK decided to settle for 28 different iPhone 4 plans to confuse and dazzle customers as well as sales reps alike. Depending on your budget, you can bring home the iPhone 4 on Orange UK for completely free with […]

Orange To Ditch Its Unlimited Data Plans Too?
Looks like AT&T and O2 UK aren’t going to be the only carriers who are ditching unlimited data plans just before the iPhone 4 is launched. Now word is that Orange is also gearing up to ditch its unlimited data plans. This probably isn’t going to go down well with consumers, but we do understand that carriers have to make a profit too. That being said, there are alternatives such as […]

iPad 3G Overwhelms Vodafone UK's Activation Server
Good news and bad news for iPad fans in the UK. The good news is that you can purchase the iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G; the bad news is that the sheer number of these devices have taken down the activation server of Vodafone UK. Reports are in that the Vodafone call center has confirmed to clients that the service has been down for a few hours, and they haven’t […]