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MEEP! Tablet is for kids
At the Toy Fair 2012 this week, Oregon Scientific will be unveiling its latest edutainment device – the MEEP! Tablet. At the moment not much is known about the tablet expect that it’s meant to be childproof (rugged design) and shouldn’t cost a bomb (it is aimed at kids after all). The tablet will feature a 7″ touchscreen display, WiFi connectivity, a G-sensor, SD card slot, and will run on […]

Gaiam Touch heart rate monitor from Oregon Scientific
Oregon Scientific has just announced the Gaiam Touch, a button-free, touchscreen heart rate monitor that is the first of its kind in the industry that delivers a hassle-free exercise session. Having picked up the prestigious International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Award in the Health & Wellness category, the Gaiam Touch will boast of fashion-forward colors that will not disappoint, not to mention coming in a comfortable, slim design […]

Oregon Scientific Partners with Gaiam to Release Fitness Watches Geared at Women
Oregon Scientific revealed some new watches and a pedometer that was created in partnership with Gaiam that targets health-conscious women. The two watches have heart rate monitoring systems and the pedometer features an accelerometer for accurate measurements along with tracking calories burned. All three accessories are avalable at Best Buy retail stores, through the Oregon Scientific Web store, and via REI in October. Click on to read more about the […]

Oregon Scientific ATC 9K All Terrain Video Camera now available
For those who have a penchant for outdoor activities will find that Oregon Scientific’s ATC 9K All Terrain Video Camera is extremely handy in recording their adventures. AFter all, it comes with an integrated G-Sensor as well as the ability to record HD video in 1080p. An LCD display is there for you to check out the latest adrenaline rush moment instantly, and for it to be water resistant is […]


Oregon Scientific i.Wakeup Sunrise Clock
Nobody likes to hear the alarm buzz in the morning, and it’s probably an alarm-hater that came up with the Oregon Scientific i.Wakeup Sunrise Clock. Instead of using the universally hated sound, it simulates the dawn, using the light to help you wake up in a more natural and pleasant way. It’ll begin to increase its illumination 30 mins before your designated wake up time, to simulate a natural sunrise. […]

Oregon Scientific weather stations are solar powered
Oregon Scientific has long released weather stations with built-in alarm clocks to the masses, but their latest release has a heart for the environment by being solar-powered. Boasting a detachable solar panel which will help juice up its internal battery whenever the sun is not playing hide-and-seek behind clouds, you can choose from the $69 Oregon Scientific +ECO Solar Weather Clock (RMR331ESA) or the $99 Oregon Scientific +ECO Solar Weather […]

Elements Atomic Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
The Elements Atomic Projection Alarm Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer ought to be pretty self-explanatory, as this Oregon Scientific offering will set itself automatically to your location within the US, making adjustments for Daylight Savings Time without you having to do so manually. The projection feature comes in handy especially at night, projecting details like time, weather and alarm on virtually any surface. It retails for a surprisingly affordable $29.99, making […]

Oregon Scientific USB Hub and World Travel Clock
Are you a jet-setter who changes your time zone once each week? The Oregon Scientific USB Hub and World Travel Clock ought to be your best companion then, ranking right up there with the iPod and a comfortable travel pillow. This model will provide you with spare USB ports at all times, while you can always set an alarm on the LCD display with 25 different major cities’ times available […]

Photo-Touch Phone
Landlines are going the way of the dodos in due time, but that has not stopped Oregon Scientific from releasing the Photo-Touch Phone which puts the ordinary house phone design to shame. It comes attached with a 7″ LCD display and boasts DECT 6.0 technology alongside a touch sensing keypad, letting you keep up to 200 different photos via its memory card slot. In addition, you can also opt for […]