XFX WarPad is huge

If you’re a hardcore PC gamer, in addition to a beast of a machine, you would know the importance of having great gaming accessories as well. One important thing that most gamers overlook is having a proper mouse pad to use their mice on. Well, the folks at XFX have released a mouse pad you won’t forget. Aptly called the WarPad, it is available in a massive 17″ by 14″ […]

iGo Arctic Laptop Cooling Pad keeps your laptop cool

If you’ve ever had to deal with laptops overheating, I’m pretty sure you would’ve gotten a laptop cooler by now. But as some of you would know by now, every laptop gets hot in different places, and not every after market solution can work for the same laptop. Introducing the iGo Arctic Laptop Cooling Pad. What makes this laptop cooler different from other solutions out there is the fact that […]

iPadLock Protects Your iPad From Thieves

There’s no doubt that Apple’s iPad is a popular device, and the downside of that is that many folks will be eyeing your iPad, possibly with the intention of stealing it too. Since the iPad doesn’t offer a built-in security slot like most notebooks out there, the folks over at MacLocks have come up with the iPadLock, which is a clear case that you can use to protect your iPad […]