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Verizon Palm Pre Plus Wi-Fi Chip Swapped Into Sprint Palm Pixi
One of the main complaints that users have with Sprint’s Palm Pixi is the lack of Wi-Fi, and some clever folks out there have decided to take things into their own hands, and ripped the radio board off a Verizon Palm Pixi Plus, and transplanted it into the Sprint Palm Pixi. The end result is a Sprint Palm Pixi that sports the all-important Wi-Fi feature. It doesn’t look like a […]

Palm Pre Plus for just one cent
Are you on a rather tight budget at the moment, and yet badly want a smartphone? Let AT&T as well as Verizon help you out, since both of them are offering the Palm Pre Plus which runs on the webOS platform. Those who have given webOS a go will definitely see it come pretty close to the iOS where intuitiveness and visual appeal are concerned. To sweeten the deal, Amazon […]

Palm Pre Plus And Pixi Plus Now Available On O2 UK
We already knew that O2 UK would be offering the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus sometime soon, and now the carrier has finally put the phones up on offer. While most folks are busy drooling over the recent HTC devices that have been making waves over in the UK, if you don’t want to follow the crowd and use Google’s Android OS, then webOS would be a nice alternative, […]

AT&T Palm Pre Plus is now unlocked
Thanks to the nextgenserver SIM unlock method which was available since last month, some curious (others say enterprising) users managed to unlock the newly released AT&T Palm Pre Plus, making sure executives at AT&T are in a hissy fit as the Palm Pre Plus is now up and running on other North American GSM carriers such as T-Mobile and Telus. Those on T-Mobile suffer from maxing out at EDGE for […]


O2 Confirms The Availability Of The Palm Pre Plus And Pixi Plus For UK Subscribers
Despite Palm’s acquisition by HP, it’s business as usual for Palm devices, as O2 UK has confirmed that it will be offering the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus come May 28th. Specifications are pretty much what we’ve come to know about these two phones, but we’re more interested in the rate plans. The bad news is that there doesn’t seem to be anything lower than £25 ($36) a month, […]

AT&T Palm Pre Plus and 3G MicroCell hits the US this May 16th
AT&T customers will be pleased to know that the Palm Pre Plus and 3G MicroCell will be made available to subscribers from May 16th onwards. Unfortunately, there is no word of a free 3G mobile hotspot capability similar to that offered by Verizon, but on the other hand you can gain free access to AT&T’s 20k-strong network of fixed hotspots. We’re still waiting with bated breath for a price point […]

Verizon Lowers Prices Of The Palm Pre Plus And Pixi Plus
Bargain shoppers will probably want to take note that Verizon Wireless has lowered the contract pricing of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to $50 and $30, respectively. This is a nice price reduction, considering that those devices were going for $150 and $100 after rebates about two months back. Despite the price drop, the $Pre Plus at Walmart is still slightly cheaper, since it’s going for free. These […]

AT&T Gets Dell Aero And Palm Devices
If you’re getting bored of the Android-powered phones being offered by Motorola and HTC, you might be interested to hear that AT&T has officially announced that it will be carrying Dell’s Aero, its first Android-powered smartphone in the U.S. Aside from the Dell Aero, the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi plus have also been announced, further beefing AT&T’s phone offerings. Technical details of the Dell Aero aren’t available just yet, […]

Slacker Radio offers service on bevy of Palm devices
Owners of the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi and Pre Plus need not sit around and mope anymore with news of Slacker Radio offering the ability to tune in to Slacker Radio wherever they are, thanks to the erstwhile free Slacker Radio app. Similar in nature to other Slacker applications on both the BlackBerry and iPhone, you are able to create custom stations, choose from more than 120 expert-programmed genres […]

Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus now on Verizon website
Verizon’s website has been updated to show off the modestly updated Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus which we saw at CES 2010, and they will retail for $149.99 and $99.99, respectively, after tying yourself down to a 2-year contract of course. Interestingly enough, the Pixi Plus has a special offer where you can buy one and get the other for free. These webOS devices won’t make a big splash […]

Otterbox Tandiem Series
[CES 2010] Today marks the release of the Otterbox Tandiem Series which features a polycarbonate case with over-molding on a single piece. This means it boasts versatility and offers superior protection to the device that it protects. And just which is the lucky beneficiary? Why, the Palm pre, of course! We’re pretty sure it can fit nicely onto the Palm pre plus that was just announced earlier this morning, where […]

Palm pre plus
[CES 2010] The Palm pre plus was announced earlier today, where it will arrive at Verizon Wireless later on the 25th this month for a yet undisclosed price. Too bad it won’t roll out with webOS 1.4, and what’s different about the pre plus would be the removal of its navigation button without much change on its physical design. The inductive TouchStone back is now a standard on the pre […]

Palm Press Conference Wrap-Up
[CES 2010] Palm picked up a slew of accolades at CES last year with the release of their pre smartphone as well as its webOS, but somehow they did not manage to translate that success on the commercial front to one huge money spinning business. Well, let us hope that things will look up for them this year with all the hard work put in, and here’s a more detailed […]

AT&T To Get 2 Palm webOS Phones Soon
AT&T CEO, Ralph de la Vega, has announced that AT&T will be offering 2 Palm webOS phones soon. Too bad he didn’t mention what phones they would be, though if there aren’t any new phones from Palm, it’s probably going to be a GSM version of the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. Other possibilities include the Pixi Plus, which will supposedly have Wi-Fi, and also the Pre Plus, which will […]

Verizon To Offer Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus
If you’re a Palm fan and are looking out for more developments from Palm, the good news is that Verizon Wireless will be carrying the Palm Pixi, as well as the Palm Pre. The official names of these phones from Verizon should be dubbed the Palm Pre Plus, and Palm Pixi Plus. Word is that these phones will be shipping webOS version 1.3.5, so hopefully you won’t have to upgrade […]

Palm Pre Plus could happen
CES 2010 is the launchpad for many a new technology, and if rumors are correct, Verizon’s Palm Pre could possibly receive a direct upgrade, as the company’s internal systems have pointed to a “Palm Pre Plus” without divulging any further tantalizing morsels of information. What does the Pre Plus suggest – could it mean that we’ll get more storage (with a memory card slot) and/or superior performance over the current […]