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Alcatel Android Phone Leaked
You might not see too many Alcatel phones at your local store, but here’s one to remind you that they still make interesting phones. If you mistakenly thought that it was a Palm Pre, you’ll be forgiven, as it certainly looks like it ripped the design off the Palm Pre. The OS powering it is totally different though, Google’s Android instead of Palm’s webOS. What’s interesting about this phone is […]

GSM Versions Of Pre Plus And Pixi Plus Confirmed?
The smart money is on Palm releasing GSM versions of Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus, but if you wanted some confirmation of a certification body, you can check out a report from the folks over at TUV Rheinland, who have listed P101UNA and P121UNA units in their systems from Palm. The P101 and P121 are the numeric codes for Palm’s Pre Plus and Pixi plus respectively. The “UNA” […]

Palm Pre Plus And Pixi Plus Pricing Rumor
This is still at “rumor” status, but if you’ve been wondering about the price of the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus even since Palm announced them during CES 2010, word is going around that the Palm Pre Plus will be going for $149.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and customary contract, while the Pixi Plus will be going at a promotional price of $99.99 after some rebates. If that’s […]

European Palm Pre Gets Update
Those of you living over in Europe and own a Palm Pre might want to keep an eye out for an update for your phone. Palm has released the webOS update for the European Palm Pre, which is available in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Spain. This version has some bugfixes, and also removes the current limitation of available memory for applications. There will also be an enhancement to […]


Otterbox Tandiem Series
[CES 2010] Today marks the release of the Otterbox Tandiem Series which features a polycarbonate case with over-molding on a single piece. This means it boasts versatility and offers superior protection to the device that it protects. And just which is the lucky beneficiary? Why, the Palm pre, of course! We’re pretty sure it can fit nicely onto the Palm pre plus that was just announced earlier this morning, where […]

Palm Press Conference Wrap-Up
[CES 2010] Palm picked up a slew of accolades at CES last year with the release of their pre smartphone as well as its webOS, but somehow they did not manage to translate that success on the commercial front to one huge money spinning business. Well, let us hope that things will look up for them this year with all the hard work put in, and here’s a more detailed […]

AT&T To Get 2 Palm webOS Phones Soon
AT&T CEO, Ralph de la Vega, has announced that AT&T will be offering 2 Palm webOS phones soon. Too bad he didn’t mention what phones they would be, though if there aren’t any new phones from Palm, it’s probably going to be a GSM version of the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi. Other possibilities include the Pixi Plus, which will supposedly have Wi-Fi, and also the Pre Plus, which will […]

Verizon To Offer Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus
If you’re a Palm fan and are looking out for more developments from Palm, the good news is that Verizon Wireless will be carrying the Palm Pixi, as well as the Palm Pre. The official names of these phones from Verizon should be dubbed the Palm Pre Plus, and Palm Pixi Plus. Word is that these phones will be shipping webOS version 1.3.5, so hopefully you won’t have to upgrade […]

iTunes Locks Palm Pre Out (Again)
When this cat and mouse game first started, we were rather intrigued, but after going back and forth so many times, it’s starting to become tiresome. We’re talking about the iTunes syncing issues with the Palm Pre of course, and with the latest iTunes update, the Palm Pre can’t sync with iTunes again. One possible solution to end all this confusion would be to do like what RIM has done, […]

No iTunes For Palm Pre (For Now)
Apple and Palm have been playing a rather intriguing game of cat and mouse with iTunes and the Pre. The latest update indicates Apple has got a slight edge over Palm, especially since Palm was served a letter from the USB Implementers Forum, a group that oversees the standards for USB connections. It has decided that Palm is in violation of the group’s membership agreement because Palm was misrepresenting the […]

Palm Pre tether hack
Folks who want to turn their Palm Pre into a Wi-Fi router can now do so by installing this free application known as My Tether. Two versions are currently available – version 2.0 will cost $10 and comes with an easy installer, while version 1.5 doesn’t cost you a cent although you will need to do some bit of hacking for youself. For those who prefer to save a tenner […]

Palm Pre Review: Don't Call it an iPhone Killer
Publisher’s note: unlike the older Palm Pre mini Review, this post was written with the final retail version of the Palm Pre. Remember the old “Don’t call it a phone” ads for wireless company Helio? I was reminded of the “don’t call it” imperative when I first laid my fingers on the new Palm Pre from Sprint this evening. Everyone wants to know how it compares to Apple’s iconic handheld. […]

Palm Pre Training Starting on May 6th for Sprint Employees
There is a bizarre confusion as whether the Pre training for Palm reps will start on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, but what’s important is that it is an indication that the launch is imminent despite some predictions that the Pre is “dead on arrival” or DOA. Sprint is rallying its troops but at the same time, reminds its employees that this still needs to be a secret. Sprintgurus […]

Is Palm As Dead as Ashok Kumar (Analyst) Says?
Ashok Kumar, an analyst for Collin Stewart thinks that the Palm Pre is Dead on Arrival (DOA). He claims that the recent rumor of supply control are in fact wrong. Palm would be reducing the production because it is still having “multiple software and hardware problems”. As a result, Mr Kumar thinks that Palm will fall short of the 1M unit shipped by year’s end. That’s “highly unrealistic” he says.That […]