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Mac OS X security flaw discovered in Preview
Heads up Mac OS X users, a security flaw has been spotted in Apple’s Preview application, the default app used to open image and PDF files. It was discovered by Christian Kienle, a developer for several Mac apps, and while it may not seem like a huge flaw, for those who deal with sensitive PDF files on a daily occasional basis this could be an issue.

Apple fixing potential iOS security threat
On Wednesday, a German site reported about a serious flaw in iOS that if left unfixed, could leave the operating system vulnerable to malware without the user’s knowledge. The issue is due to the way iOS handles PDF files – even those that are infected. Read up more about the security hole here. Fortunately it has been reported that Apple has learnt about the issue and is working on a […]

No Adobe Flash and PDF for 3DS web browser
In addition to getting that Nintendo eShop and Pokedex 3D update on June 6, the other major update is the web browser’s debut on the Nintendo 3DS.Unlike the web browser in the Wii and Nintendo DS that was powered by Opera, the 3DS’ will be made by NetFront, the same company that has made browsers for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3. And just like the Internet Browser on the […]

LiveScribe Connect Takes SmartPens to the Next Level
LiveScribe makes smartpens that records your writing and the voice/sound that was happening at that exact moment. The company has just released a software update called LiveScribe Connect, a new desktop software that makes it possible for the recorded content to be viewed, heard and shared on a new level.Previously, the owners of the smart pen where mostly the only people using the recorded data. LiveScribe Connect brings Adobe Acrobat […]


Sprint Samsung Transform User Guide Available Online, Sheds Details On Phone
Thanks to a recent leak, we got wind of the upcoming Samsung Transform, and now the user guide for this phone has been made available[PDF link], giving us some additional information on what to expect from it. Aside from its technical features, the Transform features a dedicated “Sprint ID” softkey which allows users to customize their device with features and functions ranging from icons, wallpapers, menus and applications, possibly explaining […]

Apple Releases Patch For OS X PDF Exploit
Folks have been talking a lot about PDF vulnerabilities recently, and now Apple has released an update for OS X that will patch the critical PDF vulnerability, amongst a bunch of other security issues. The update fixes a heap buffer overflow that exists in CoreGraphics and the way that it handles PDF files which could actually allow the application to be terminated or arbitrary code to be executed via a […]