Adobe hints at picture cloud storage service

Last week, Adobe wrote an interesting blog post discussing about the results of a question it asked its Facebook fans. The company had asked them about how they manage and back up their photo collections, which basically lead to a wave of responses that included answers like backing up on Flickr, stored on external hard disks, and DVDs. It then went on to ask people about whether they have pushed […]

Samsung Hercules spotted?

The folks over at mobilesyrup recently took a photograph of an unannounced Samsung device at the Samsung Mobile concert last night in Toronto. Looking a lot like the Galaxy S 2, the phone features a larger screen but is missing the optical trackpad – a feature of the phone. In fact, it looks a lot like a cross between the Galaxy S 2, Nexus S and the Infuse. Seeing how […]

iPhone 5 spotted with dual-cameras?

What are the odds the next iPhone will be featuring 3D-capabilities? Not very likely (Apple isn’t known to incorporate the latest technologies in its phones until they’ve been proven or refined) but if you’re willing to believe these photographs of what is said to be an iPhone 5 – the next iPhone might actually support 3D. The photographs shows a phone that looks a lot like the iPhone 4, except […]

Desktop Photo to Digital Picture Converter preserves your memories digitally

If you’ve got a large stack of old photographs that you’d like to convert into digital pictures, scanning them with a conventional scanner is going to take a lot of time. This is where the Desktop Photo to Digital Picture Converter comes in. Essentially, it is just a digital camera with a tray, and instead of scanning your old photographs, the Converter snaps a picture of the photograph using a […]


Camera Mic lets you take photos using your iPhone mic

If you have trouble hitting the on-screen button on your iPhone whenever you take a photograph and wish that you had a physical button to press, you must’ve been let down after Apple removed apps from the iTunes App Store that remapped the physical buttons on the iPhone to take photographs. Well fret not, Camera Mic is here. This app doesn’t repurpose the buttons on your iPhone to trigger the […]