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Photo retouch rating system tells you how much a photo has been 'shopped
It’s common knowledge that almost all photographs of celebrities you see in magazines have been edited in one way or another. From minor retouches like the removal of wrinkles and blemishes all the way to the emphasis on various body parts – but we’ll never know how much retouching has been done unless we’ve seen the original image or we’re the ones doing it in the first place. Well, a […]

Google Goggles gets updated to version 1.6
If you’re an avid user of Google Goggles, the good news is that the app for Android has recently been updated to version 1.6, and brought with it several new features that supposedly makes your smartphone “smarter”.

HTC Vigor spotted in the wild
The mysterious Android phone with a 720p resolution display known as the HTC Vigor has finally made an appearance in the flesh. The folks over at Droid-Life managed to get their hands on some photographs showing the device in the flesh, and true to Mr. Blurrycam’s photo-taking skills, the device looks pretty blur – but it is sharp enough for us to make out the details on it. Judging by […]

iPhone 5 EVT Prototype back cover, audio and volume parts leaked
As we draw closer to the rumored announce date of the next generation iPhone, the inevitable leaks start appearing much more frequently. Case in point, the folks over at have received a bunch of photographs showing off what is said to an early prototype version iPhone 5. The phone carries the marking “N94” on the back of the phone, and is marked with the date 07-June-2011 and a label […]


HTC Bliss shows up in non-blurry photographs
For the first time ever, it looks like we have shots of a phone in the wild that don’t look like they were taken by someone on a rollercoaster. The female-oriented Android phone from HTC known as the HTC Bliss has been spotted in the wild again, this time without the usual blurriness. Now we get to have a closer look at the phone, which looks a lot like the […]

76 year old Baojun Yuan is a photoshop master
In China, if you have an old photograph that you would like repaired for you; you could do it by yourself, send it to a shop for a fee, or bring it to Baojun Yuan who will do it for free. The 76 year old Chinese man has been repairing photographs for the past 16 years for folks who are too poor to afford such services. With over 2,000 old […]

Samsung Gem headed to Verizon
The Samsung Gem that was officially announced to arrive on US Cellular a few days ago will be headed to Verizon in the near future as well. Some photographs of the phone have been posted online, showing off the phone with Verizon badge on the device and on the startup screen itself. The phone is nothing to shout about, featuring entry-level specs, Android 2.2 and no 4G LTE, but that […]

Nokia T7-00 spotted in the wild
The Nokia T7-00 that was recently discovered due to its name found in the Ovi publisher tool has finally been spotted in the wild. New pictures supposedly from China dispels all speculations about the phone being a tablet (due to the T in its name), and from what we can see, it’s an N8-ish looking phone but It doesn’t pack the same 12 megapixel autofocus Carl Zeiss shooter nor does […]

HTC Incredible S spotted in the wild
The HTC Incredible S was first shown off to the world at the Mobile World Congress last month and was scheduled for a Q2 release this year. The FCC recently took a gander at the device, and now images of the device in the wild have surfaced leading to the possibility the Android phone might arrive in retail outlets before Q1 ends. The folks at Android Spin recently got their […]

Convert your negatives and slides into digital photographs with the iConvert
If you’ve been a photographer before you owned a DSLR, I’m pretty sure you must have amassed a huge collection of negatives – especially if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t like to throw things away just because you might have a need for it in the future. Well fret not, a solution is here. Called the iConvert, this useful gadget should be a must-have for all you folks […]

Software to tell us if an image has been photoshopped
A scientist from Dartmouth College, Hany Farid, has been developing digital forensics software that can tell if a digital photograph has been manipulated with Adobe Photoshop- the world’s most popular image editing software. The forensics software can identify if an image has been tampered with by checking its properties against a database of every digital camera ever made. The software then detects if there are any variations in the signature […]