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Pikachu-Inspired Nintendo New 3DS XL Available Next Month
Are you not content with waiting for Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console and want to pick up one of its other consoles? Do you happen to be a Pikachu fan? If yes, Nintendo has just the thing for you. The company today announced that it’s bringing its Pikachu-inspired Nintendo New 3DS XL to North America next month.

Detective Pikachu Is An Upcoming 3DS Pokemon Title
It can be rather difficult to believe how fast time has flown, where close to 20 years have passed since Nintendo rolled out their first Pokemon titles. Well, the franchise continues to have new titles, and the latest one from Nintendo would be Detective Pikachu, which is a title headed for the Nintendo 3DS platform, and will obviously be a Pokemon spin-off which will place you in the shoes – […]