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Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Expected To Release On Nov. 11 In U.S.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been making itself available across U.S. wireless carriers just a few weeks ago, with those who picked up the phablet stuck between purchasing the device in either white or black. It looks like a new color option for the Galaxy Note 3 may be just around the corner, according to a listing on Newegg.

Pink Nintendo 3DS XL Headed To U.K. On May 31
The latest Nintendo 3DS XL the U.S. will be getting is the Animal Crossing: New Leaf-exclusive device that features polka dots of images that are well known within the Animal Crossing world. But if you saw the new Luigi-themed Nintendo 3DS XL, we’re sure you’re green with envy over its upcoming release in Japan on July 18. Another 3DS XL is being introduced that adds some much needed pink to the […]

Samsung Galaxy S2 goes pink in Korea
Back in September 2010, Samsung’s flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S, received a pink makeover in the form of the Samsung Galaxy S Femme edition. Well, it looks like its new flagship device this year is about to receive the same treatment as well. The company has just launched the pink version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 in South Korea. Other than the face and back of the phone given […]

Nintendo 3DS Conference: Monster Hunter 4 announced, Pink 3DS on the way
As if announcing that Monster Hunter 3G is arriving on the 3DS later this year isn’t good enough, there’s more good news for the 3D console. At the Nintendo 3DS conference today, Nintendo and Capcom announced that the next game in the franchise, Monster Hunter 4 will be arriving on the 3DS as well! It looks like there’s still a lot of life left in the 3DS despite the lackluster sales […]


Pictures From HTC HD7 Have A Pink Tinge?
This isn’t exactly the happiest news for folks who are eager to get hold of the Windows Phone 7-powered HTC HD7, but folks who have been reviewing the HD7 have noticed that there seems to be a flaw with the camera on the phone. Turns out that when you take low light pictures with it, white colored objects seem to have a heavy pink tint on them. This issue is […]

Sony Ericsson Vivaz gets pink shade
The Sony Ericsson Vivaz will not stop at just Silver Moon, Cosmic Black, Galaxy Blue and Venus Ruby colors, as it will soon arrive in pink to make it the fifth color in the handset range. Since the smartphone is already approved by the FCC, it should be able to see action Stateside pretty soon via AT&T, where this Android-poweres smartphone will be equipped with a 3.2″ touchscreen display at […]

Pink USB Wireless Webcam
This actually feels more like a spy camera than your normal USB webcam, seeing that it can be operated wirelessly thanks to a wireless connection on the webcam and the USB-powered receiver. Of course, what you use it for it entirely up to you, since you already know the “with great power comes great responsibility line”. What we’re going to fill you in is that this USB Wireless Web Camera, […]

Pink Aluminum Heart-shaped iPod Speaker Dock
If you’re still rushing to find a gift for your significant other this coming Valentine’s Day, a good guideline would be something that has a heart in it. If you agree with that suggestion, then this pink heart-shaped aluminum iPod speaker dock is probably something you might want to consider. It claims to support all the iPods and iPhones, so if you have one of those MP3 players, you should […]

Updated Zune Software Hints At Zune Phone
A Zune phone? We’re sure you’ve heard plenty of rumors indicating of such a device, so what’s so special about this one? Well, a new Zune software update that was just released (version seems to be hinting of such a device. Inside the Zune.inf file, code has been found that identifies a “Phone”, along with a vendor ID that is locked to Microsoft, along with 3 different product IDs […]

HTC Hero Comes In Pink
Folks who have been hankering after the HTC Hero but do not want the color that it comes in now can look again – this Android-powered handset is now available in pink thanks to the Carphone Warehouse Coming Soon page. Scheduled for a launch later this month, we still do not know which carrier it will arrive with. Just to refresh your memory, the HTC Hero will come with a […]