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Apple fixing potential iOS security threat
On Wednesday, a German site reported about a serious flaw in iOS that if left unfixed, could leave the operating system vulnerable to malware without the user’s knowledge. The issue is due to the way iOS handles PDF files – even those that are infected. Read up more about the security hole here. Fortunately it has been reported that Apple has learnt about the issue and is working on a […]

Apple patent hints at even slimmer iOS devices
Apple has recently filed for some patents for audio-plug sockets that smaller in diameter than the thickness of the device in which it would be used. These patents essentially describe sockets that are thinner in diameter than the 3.5mm or 2.5mm headset jack, but are still able to make use of those standard audio connections. These sockets could work in a few ways – a socket that’s less than fully […]

CHAdeMO-equipped quick-chargers to be the standard in America
With the whole world taking steps to ensure a greener and cleaner world for our future generation, one of the forerunners of this movement is using cars that run on electricity. Such cars emit no harmful gasses into the air, and don’t waste any precious fuels made from the world’s limited resources. But one of the main problems with electric cars is the time it takes to recharge them. Well, […]

Concept: New Safe Power Plug Design
Nobody likes to get accidentally zapped when pulling a plug out of the electrical socket, and this power plug concept is designed to help you avoid such situations. It features a retractable blue cover that will be depressed when plugged into the socket, and will be expanded when you’re pulling the plug from the socket, ensuring that you won’t be able to touch the metal pins. It’s a simple design, […]


Siticord Power Saving Plug
If you’re constantly flicking the power switch on your wall to turn your device on/off, you’ll probably appreciate the interesting design of the Siticord. Despite it being a concept, it does look rather cool, especially since it sports an on/off switch. When pushed, the internal pins will be connected to complete the circuitry and kickstart your device, and when it’s not being used, you can press it again for the plug […]

PLUG hearing aid concept
Body modification has its fair share of fans and detractors, and if you fall under the former category, then you might want to check out the PLUG hearing aid concept. Why do we say so? After all, the stereotype hardcore body modification aficionado will most probably indulge in a whole lot of rock music during his/her youth at some really insane volume levels, which is why a hearing aid would […]

Marvell Plug Computer 3.0
[CES 2010] Marvell has just launched its Computer 3.0 platform based on the Armada 300 processor. New the system still uses an ultra-low power and thermal envelope, but manages to reach 2Ghz and includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and built-in 1.8″ hard drive. The overall package is also much smaller (and sexier) than previous generations. Once again the semi-conductor mantra “smaller, better, cheaper” is beautifully applied by Marvell to these tiny computers. […]

Marvell's Plug Computing expands with no end in sight
A few new Plug Computing applications were just announced and they include: WebTVPlug, Eyecon and TonidoPlug. WebTVPlug connects to WebTView (a video search service) to make WebTView videos accessible to a DLNA/uPNP home device. For example, your PlayStation 3 could access WebTView, even if there’s no WebTView application for PS3. This is pretty cool. Eyecon also relies on DLNA/uPNP to give you access to a virtual library of all the […]