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Lenovo ThinkVision M14 Review: Next-Gen Portable DisplayEditor's Pick
The Lenovo ThinkVision M14 features some of the most desirable attributes of a portable monitor, read to see why.

NVIDIA SHIELD Review | In addition to running Android games, the NVIDIA SHIELD can also stream PC games by basically turning your PC into a private cloud gaming service like Onlive or Gaikai

NVIDIA Shield Is About Shaping The Mobile Chip Battlefield
NVIDIA has provided some insights about how the NVIDIA Shield portable gaming device came to be (read about our hands-on time with the Shield at CES). I recommend reading the article on their website, and if you want a quick primer: it’s a great story of an ambitious idea which was turned into reality by an initial group of hardcore engineers which subsequently got company-wide support to the finish line. […]

SupaBoy caters to portable SNES lovers
The SNES has had its fair run during its lifetime, taking down the Sega Megadrive in the process although it has some black eyes as well in the form of the bloodless Mortal Kombat, a scenario which caused quite a furore back then amongst gamers. Well, for those who want to relive a sense of nostalgia, here’s the SupaBoy which will target those who want to enjoy SNES titles but […]


Panasonic will no longer enter portable gaming market with Jungle device
Panasonic did flirt with the world of video gaming for some time in the past – anyone remember the 3DO system? Well, the company had intended to make a comeback albeit in the portable gaming market with the handheld online gaming device codenamed “Jungle” as announced in October last year. It seems that the Jungle will no longer enter production after all, and they do have a very valid reason […]

Rumor: PSP2 To Arrive Next Fall With Touchpad And Larger HD Display
Rumors of a Sony PSP2 have been going around for some time already, and now some details of this upcoming console have surfaced. According to reports, Sony held a private meeting at its office to show off the PSP2. If the reports are accurate, the device will feature a touch panel at the back, resembling a large notebook trackpad. The display of the console will be sharper than the current […]

Zune HD internal organs shown
The FFC website (detail page no longer exists) has a bunch of photos of the Zune HD Components. While it serves no real purpose to look at that stuff, we admit that we have a curiosity for this type of things. The photos show the 730mAh battery, which seems small, as many phones have a 14xxmAh BUT it’s not a phone, there’s no radio – which is a big power hog. […]

Maximum PSP Go Processor 44% Faster Than The PSP
 We knew that the PSP Go was faster than the PSP-3000, but “by how much” was still a subject of speculation. It is not anymore as an FCC filing makes the PSP Go speed official. With a 480Mhz frequency, it is 44% faster than the previous 333Mhz PSP chip.At first, most developers will make sure that their games are compatible with the PSP, so it’s unlikely that they will use […]

Venus JXD300, a PSP-2000 Clone
Chinese design rip-offs are sometime fascinating to look at because it would be simply impossible to build something like and get away with it in most western countries. Despite resembling a PSP-2000, the Venus JXD300 is only capable of playing Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA) and NES games. It can also be used to play a number of popular media formats such as RMVB, RM, AVI, MPG, FLV and even Video-CD […]

PSP Go Revealed
[E3 2009] Once again, the rumors were spot on, except that we now know what the PSP Go will look like, even if the earlier concept was close. Recent leaks have appeared online in the past hour or so. The forums on or Eurogamer have featured photos of the device, set to be presented officially next week at E3 2009. So, far here are the specifications that have leaked: […]

GP2X Wiz Game System
Gamepark Holding has just released its GP2X Wiz Game System which is the sequel to the GP2X. It comes with a new 533MHz 3D processor with flash engine, and boasts a dozen games that have been pre-loaded onto the handheld console to keep you entertained right out of the box. Not only that, Gamepark Holding has also thrown in some demos for upcoming official games to further whet your appetite. […]