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CARMAnation a Good Solution For the Parking Crisis in San Francisco?
Yesterday, the City of San Francisco cracked down on MonkeyParking, a mobile app that lets users post info about the parking spot they are about to leave for a price. According to City Attorney Dennis Herrera, who threatened MonkeyParking and two other startups with a lawsuit, selling access to public spaces (the parking spot) is illegal.As a San Franciscan, I am outraged by the cost of parking tickets in the […]

Apple Acquires Public Transit App Developer, Embark
Apple has been making a number of improvements to its Maps iOS application, but ultimately, the service has yet to become as popular as competing services, such as Google Maps. Misinformation and inaccuracies seem to be some of the big issues plaguing Apple’s Maps, but if you’re someone who relies on public transportation, the service has been completely useless to you up until this point. That is until Apple acquired […]

Dutch Public Transportation Could Be Hacked With Android Smartphone
An alleged hack of the Dutch public transportation has been reported.

Nokia to bring NFC to New York commuters
If you ever wanted a reason to get your hands on a Nokia device, the Finnish company has entered into an agreement with the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) to develop an NFC-based ticketing solution, whose pilot program is expected to make its debut on regional commuter trains by the end of 2011. Given that we’re about 2 months away from the end of year, it looks like commuters […]


Lightsabers used for train railings in Japan
We all know what a huge success the Star Wars: The Complete Saga Blu-ray release was, and the Force is certainly strong all over the globe. Even those living in the Land of the Rising Sun is not spared (which is a good thing), where the boxset hit Japan slightly more than a week ago. In order to promote the release of this unique boxset, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment […]

AutoTram: Bus or tram, you decide
It is rather interesting to note that sometimes, a particular device or in this case, mode of transportation comes in an unorthodox form factor that you might actually be confused to know which is its primary function and what is the secondary one. The AutoTram for example, is it a bus, tram or train, or all three rolled in one to create a new class of public transport? In such […]

Metropia Personal Vehicle Docks Into Tram To Provide Public Transportation
If this is how public transport will look like in the future, we certainly are looking forward to it. It’s currently still a concept design, but the Metrotopia two-seater vehicle looks really futuristic. It’s powered by an electric motor running on a power cell, and uses a ball at the bottom of the vehicle to get around. This personal vehicle will dock itself inside a specially designed tram to become […]