Samsung Updates Latest TVs With FreeSync Support

If you have hooked up a 2018 Samsung QLED TV to your gaming setup then the latest update that Samsung is sending out for these TVs will appeal to you quite a lot. The company is adding FreeSync support to its 2018 lineup of QLED TVs to allow for a smoother gaming experience. FreeSync support will reduce screen tearing during gaming sessions and enable overall fluid visuals.

Samsung 2018 QLED TV Prices Confirmed

Samsung officially unveiled its 2018 QLED TV lineup earlier this month and while the company didn’t confirm pricing on launch day, it has now revealed how much it’s going to charge for the new models. Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV lineup includes the Q9, Q8, Q7, and Q6 models all of which are available in different sizes in both curved and flat variants.

Samsung’s SeeColors App Lets Colorblind Users Recalibrate TV Colors

Samsung has released a new app called SeeColors to help people who are colorblind to get the most out of their Samsung QLED TVs. The app enables them to recalibrate the colors on their TVs based on their particular needs. The app is compatible with all QLED TVs. It lets people with Color Vision Deficiency diagnose their personal visual deficiencies through the app. The TV can then adjust the color […]

Samsung Launches Massive 88 Inch QLED TV

You might need to clear up a lot of space in your room if you decide to buy this TV because it is massive in the true sense of the world. Samsung today announced the release of its 88 inch QLED TV in North America. The Samsung Q9 QLED TV has an 88 inch panel. Samsung says that this ultra-large TV further solidifies its top position in the global ultra-premium […]


Samsung Will Pay Good Money For A New QLED TV Stand Design

Samsung wants to redesign its QLED TV stand and it has teamed up with popular design magazine Dezeen to launch a competition that is free to enter for all professional designers, non-designers, students and teams. It’s also going to accept entries from individuals and teams of designers.

Samsung CHG90: A Monster 49-inch Gaming Monitor

Ahead of E3, Samsung has announced several wide-screen monitors, and the most interesting one is the Samsung CHG90. At 49-inch wide, this monitor is the largest curved (1800R) gaming PC monitor out there (TVs aside). It spans almost across a normal desk and looks more than impressive, even to jaded tech journalists.

Samsung QLED TV Becomes First ‘100% Color Volume’-Verified TV

Samsung today announced that the 2017 QLED TV series that it unveiled last month at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 has received a certification from Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), a world-class testing and certification association, for the TV’s ability to produce 100 percent color volume. VDE has provided this certification for Samsung’s latest TV lineup based on its expertise in color volume testing.