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MSI 14-inch EX465MX Notebook
With tablet devices stealing the majority of the show at Computex, it’s nice to forget about them and check out an “old-fashioned” notebook again. The EX465MX is an upcoming notebook from MSI that hasn’t been priced or given a release date just yet. Specifications of the MSI EX465MX include: 14-inch 1366 x 768 pixel LCD display Intel Core 2 Duo processor ATI Radeon HD545V graphics 1.3-megapixel webcam Bluetooth Built-in card […]

Gateway NV Series Notebooks Get A Matte Lid And Blu-ray Drives
Gateway has unveiled its updated line of NV series notebooks that sport cosmetic and speed upgrades. The most obvious upgrade would be the exterior, which now ditches the conventional glossy design in favor of a more practical matte, textured lid. Processing grunt has been updated to include the Core i3 and i5 processors, as well as dedicated Mobility Radeon or Intel GMA graphics. The NV59C09u is currently the only model […]

HIS Radeon HD 5550 Low Profile Graphics Card
Folks who are looking to build a new HTPC will want to take note that HIS is gearing up to launch another low-profile graphics card in the form of the Radeon HD 5550. The fact that this card is passively-cooled should help to keep noise levels low for your audio enjoyment. This card integrates a 40nm Redwood GPU, 400 Stream processors, 128-bit memory interface, 500MHz core clock, 1GB DDR2 VRAM […]

Alienware M17x Now Ships With Dual 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 GPUs
While you might have seen notebooks that sport a pair of GPUs before, it’s not often you see one that offers a pair of ATI’s Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphic chips. Now the Alienware M17x gaming notebook that offers such a configuration has begun to ship. If you’ve received your shipping notification of this notebook, you can prepare yourself for the awesome gaming sessions that are just around the corner.


AMD ATI FirePro 2460 Multi-View carries four Mini DisplayPort connectors
AMD’s latest workstation class video card, the ATI FirePro 2460 Multi-View, will come with a quartet of Mini DisplayPort connectors where you can use all four simultaneously, depending on the configuration of choice. Apart from that, you can also merge all four into one or two displays thanks to Eyefinity. The 512MB of display memory is a bummer in this day and age, but ought to be enough to drive […]

AMD ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition graphics card unveiled
AMD has released its ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition graphics card that is capable of offering stunning performance thanks to its 2GB of GDDR5 memory alongside rendering capability in excess of 1 billion pixels per second (!) in current generation gaming titles, which is basically a dozen times more resolution compared to 1080p HD. According to AMD, the amount of memory offered allows DirectX 11 games to run […]

AMD ATI Radeon HD 5570 graphics card
AMD has rolled out its latest ATI Radeon HD 5570 graphics card which is an energy efficient, low-profile DirectX 11 card that targets small form factor PCs. Despite its relatively small size, it still sports full DirectX 11 support, ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology and ATI Stream capabilities. Just as we ought not to judge a book by its cover, let us also not do the same by the size of […]

AMD ATI Radeon HD5450 graphics card
AMD outs its latest ATI Radeon HD5450 graphics card, being the most affordable DirectX 11 (and OpenGL 3.2) solution in the market as at press time, retailing for no more than $60 a pop. Despite that highly affordable price point, the ATI Radeon HD 5450 has enough muscle to support similar visual effects as with the 5600 and 5800 lines, although you get lesser stream processors at 80, alongside 8 […]

AMD unveils ATI Radeon E4690 Mobile PCI Express module
AMD has lifted the curtains on its ATI Radeon E4690 Mobile PCI Express module which will target graphics-intensive embedded systems. Boasting compliance to the industry-standard MXM 3.0 specification for graphics subsystems, you will find that the Radeon E4690 features reduced power consumption, improved cooling capability and a lower z-height which makes the tasks of designers to create smaller, more efficient embedded systems a whole lot easier. The ATI Radeon E4690 […]

ATI Radeon HD 5450 rumored to be out next month
Word on the street has it that the latest ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card will hit the market some time in the middle of next month, where it will see off the current line of ATI HD 4650/4550/4350 graphics cards. This model is touted to offer a new standard where the mid-range market is concerned, and is DirectX 11-ready while coming in 512MB or 1GB GDDR4 memory configurations with […]

ATI announces Radeon HD 5970
ATI has just announced the fastest video card in the world, taking over from where NVIDIA left off after a long, long time clawing its way back to the pinnacle of its game. Touted to be the speediest card ever created, the Radeon HD 5970 is one of the world’s first and only graphics cards which offers full support for Microsoft DirectX 11 technology and ATI Eyefinity multi-display technology. Capable […]

NVIDIA Fermi-based Cards Coming Soon
If the recent news of NVIDIA’s GT300 wasn’t enough to get ATI sweating, it looks like the latest tidbit that NVIDIA will be launching three Fermi-based graphics cards, all supporting DirectX 11, should really give ATI a heart attack. The first of the three cards is reportedly a single chip graphics card with 16 clusters and 512 shader cores; the second a dual-GPU version of the same card, but with […]

The ATI Radeon HD 5800 is the fastest GPU in town
The Next generation AMD GPU has arrived: The ATI Radeon HD 5870 should have been called Radeon 2X: when compared to the Radeon HD 4890, It has twice the number of stream processors, twice the transistors, twice the texture and pixel blending power and is worth twice as much… The theoretical numbers are impressive, and actual numbers are too. It is as fast as the GeForce GTX 295 that has […]

AMD EyeFinity paraded
AMD just took their soon-to-be Radeon HD 5800 series graphics chipset out for a spin, where it is also known as Eyefinity. They hooked up the ATI-branded technology video card to half a dozen DisplayPort outputs that were running at their full resolution, merging all six into a solitary image to hit a phenomenal live image that is 8,192 x 8,192 pixels large, compared to current technology that results in […]

AMD Unveils Windows 7 Graphics Driver
Windows 7 isn’t even out yet, but AMD has already made sure they’re ready to greet the oncoming tide with its new video graphics driver for Windows 7 which has already received the Windows Hardware Quality Lab (WHQL) certification. This certification is essential as it basically means folks who have a Windows-powered machine with an ATI Radeon HD 2000, HD 3000 and HD 4000 series product that runs on the […]