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Razer Blade 2021: RTX 3000 + QHD
The Razers Blade gaming laptops are getting a big update at CES 2021, and while the laptops appearance has not changed much, the real beauty is on the inside…

Razer Blade Gets Kaby Lake Processors And 4K Display
Razer today launched an updated model of its Blade notebook which promises increased power and performance. The notebook weighs 4.3 pound and measures in at 0.7 inch and yet it features Intel Kaby Lake processors and a 4K display. This is the first Razer Blade notebook with an optional 14 inch 4K display and an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor under the hood.

New Razer Blade Available Now From Microsoft Store
Razer’s new notebook is now available for purchase from the Microsoft Store. The company launched the updated version of its Blade notebook a few weeks ago. Razer has been selling it directly to customers since then but if someone wants to pick one up via Microsoft’s online store, they can now do that. Microsoft’s online store is offering the Razer Blade notebook in two different configurations.

RAZER Blade Pro Gaming, Laptop Hands-On
Just in time for the holiday season, RAZER has announced the refresh of its RAZER Blade Pro 17” gaming laptop during a San Francisco media event. The 2016 version has significantly improved tech specs and horsepower. We covered it when the first official information was released on the web, but now got our hands (and eyes) on it.


Razer Blade Pro Features A Mechanical Keyboard And NVIDIA GTX 1080
Razer is once again expanding its Blade lineup of notebooks. It has launched a new ultra-slim notebook called Razer Blade Pro. This 17 inch laptop comes with a mechanical keyboard as well as NVIDIA’s GTX 1080 graphics processor for superior gaming performance. The company says that this is the most powerful system that it has ever created, and the specs sheet does do justice to its claims. Don’t miss Eliane […]

Pre-Orders For Razer Blade 2016 Notebook Open Once Again
Razer has now reopened pre-orders for the Razer Blade 2016 notebook. The latest edition of its gaming notebook was first announced earlier this year. Customers who weren’t able to place a pre-order for it back then can now do so. The company says that those who place a pre-order today for this notebook can expect shipments to begin by October 25th.

New Razer Blade Notebook Is Faster And Cheaper
Razer today announced a new Razer Blade gaming laptop. The company says that it has improved the specifications across the board so the notebook is powerful than it’s predecessor. What’s going to appeal most to customers is the fact that even though it has better specifications, the new Razer Blade gaming notebook is actually cheaper.

Razer Blade Brings More Power And A QHD+ Display
Razer has just unveiled a revamped version of its Blade Windows 8.1 notebook. The new Razer Blade brings more power to the table with its Intel processor aided by more memory, NVIDIA graphics and topped off with a 14-inch QHD+ display. The IGZO or Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide display panel technology promises unmatched color and image quality.

Razer Blade Laptops Come In Limited Edition Koenigsegg Model
Have you checked out the Razer Blade when it was first announced in May last year? We have done our bit of homework with the Razer Blade Pro which you can read the review here, but the topic on hand right now will be totally different – it would be a limited edition Koenigsegg Razer Blade gaming laptop that cannot be purchased over the counter, which just goes to show […]