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Redmi Pro Launch Confirmed For July 27th
There have been rumors recently that Xiaomi is gearing up to launch a new handset. The company confirmed a couple of days ago that it’s holding a media event later this month and many expected that Xiaomi’s next Redmi handset is going to be unveiled at this event. Xiaomi has confirmed through a post on Weibo that it’s going to launch the Redmi Pro at its event on July 27th.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G Arrives
The Xiaomi Redmi Note has come under scrutiny at the end of last month, where the smartphone allegedly sends user data all the way back to China. First announced in March this year, the value-for-money 5.5” device did not sport 4G support back then. This time around, there is a new variant of the Xiaomi Redmi Note that will carry 4G connectivity underneath the hood, in addition to having a […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note Reportedly Sending User Data Back To China [Updated]
Update – Xiaomi has since released a Q&A on Facebook (it’s in Chinese) that should hopefully clear up any questions. According to them, the original forum post was made in error and that the pings that were captured in the screenshot was merely a request for data from Xiaomi’s servers. This includes SMS messages, jokes, location-based ads, poems, holiday greetings, and so on. Xiaomi goes on to state that it would not […]

Taiwan: 10k Xiaomi Redmi Note Sold In 1 Second
The Xiaomi Redmi Note has been a huge success ever since it was first announced earlier this March, where this 5.5” phablet saw its pre-orders surpass the 15 million mark over in China, and with the floodgates opened for it to go on sale, over 100,000 units were moved in a matter of 34 minutes. Well, we also know that the Xiaomi Redmi Note will be made available outside of […]


Xiaomi Redmi Note Pre-Orders Cross 15 Million
Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has only been around for roughly four years yet it has carved a substantial slice for itself in the country’s booming market. Its competitively priced smartphones have even managed to outsell the iPhone in the People’s Republic. Xiaomi is certainly not slowing down. It recently launched an affordably priced phablet called the Redmi Note which sold 100,000 units in under 34 minutes which it was first unveiled. The company has […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note Sells 100,000 Units In 34 Minutes
A little over a week ago, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi unveiled their latest handset in the form of the Xiaomi Redmi Note. The handset will be targeting the Asian market first but according to Xiaomi, they have plans on expanding beyond China. The handset was also priced at around $129 which is why we guess it is not that surprising to hear that Xiaomi might have another hit on their hands […]

Meizu Might Take On Xiaomi Redmi Note With Blue Charm Note
Xiaomi recently launched a new mid-range device that seems to have started a war between China’s biggest manufacturers. A week back the Xiaomi Redmi Note was launched. Huawei answered the very next day with the revised Honor 3X. Now it appears that Meizu is gearing up to do just the same, with a new device that it apparently has up its sleeve. Leaked details suggest that Meizu is readying the […]

Xiaomi's Redmi Note Will Expand Beyond China, Will Be Priced Starting At $129
A few days ago, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi announced its new handset, the Redmi Note. For the most part Xiaomi operates either within China or limits its market to the Asian region, but you will be pleased to learn that for the Redmi Note, the Chinese company plans on expanding beyond China.However the initial markets will be Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, but we expect that additional countries will be […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note Announced
Xiaomi is a company that many living outside of Asia have probably never heard of. This isn’t surprising given that Xiaomi tends to operate exclusively in Asian markets, although given the price of the handsets and the hardware it packs for that price, safe to say that there are many who are starting to pay attention to the Chinese company.In a recent tweet by Xiaomi, the company has announced a […]