Turn your iPhone into an RC toy controller

Steve Jobs pretty much meant using your iPhone for everything when he said “there’s an app for that”. In this case, we’re talking about controlling an RC car with your iPhone. Sure you won’t be able to do it without the help of an additional dongle, from AppToyz, that plugs into your iPhone’s 3.5mm slot (iPhones don’t have infrared support) but once it is in, you just have to download […]

Germans develop a remote-controlled stomach submarine

If you’ve ever had a medical examination where the doctor stuffed a video camera tube into your mouth and you just feel like puking all the time? Well, thanks to some scientists in Germany, you won’t have to in the future. They recently announced the successful creation of a swallowable, remote controlled video-cam “capsule” submarine that can be used to explore a patient’s insides without the need for an uncomfortable […]

Samsung RMC30D1 touchscreen remote control visits the FCC

You might have spotted Samsung’s RMC30D1 touchscreen remote control at CES recently and if you were dreaming of getting your hands on one, the good news is that the device has paid a visit to the FCC. While there isn’t any confirmation of pricing or availability just yet, we do know that it will offer a 3-inch touchscreen display and control almost any IR device, though the device might have […]

Beacon turns your iPhone into a universal remote

What’s the best way to stop misplacing the TV remote? Why, turn your precious iPhone into a remote of course! That way you will never ever misplace it again. I mean if you have a $700 remote, I’m pretty sure the last thing you would want to do is let it out of your sight. Griffin Technology has just launched the Beacon which does exactly that. All you do is […]


Bang & Olufsen Beo6 remote looks stunning

Bang & Olufsen’s Beo6 remote does seem as though it received its inspiration from the fat-bottomoed Weebles children’s toys that are somewhat like Americans – we don’t mean big sized, but they always get back standing after falling down, exhibiting the country’s super resilient spirit no matter what happens. Well, we’re pretty sure the Beo6 isn’t as hardy though, so tipping it over from a reasonable height might not be […]

World’s First Remote-controlled Gaming Computer

We recently saw some pretty impressive computer casemods, such as the Fireplace casemod. Now someone out there has come up with what is touted as the world’s first remote-controlled gaming computer. It’s built from a Thermaltake case and built on top of a motorized, remote-controlled base, not to mention the inclusion of a robotic arm. Too bad it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to ride on it to LAN […]

Sony rolls out RM-KZ1 remote control for kids

The standard remote control that comes with your TV might be pretty ordinary, so having it get knocked around might not seem like much. The same can’t be said if you happen to own one of the more sophisticated universal remote controls with a full touchscreen display though, as you’ll probably want to keep it well away from the reaches of kids. Sony knows your concern, which is why they […]

Savant Embeds iPod Touch Into Home Automation Remote Control with VoIP Capabilities

Savant, known for its remote app and surface touch technology, is back again with a touchscreen remote control with physical buttons. The touchscreen display portion is actually the latest Apple iPod Touch, encased into the remote’s hardware that gives it push button controls. Savant’s remote can be used to control home lighting, home theatre equipment, networked cameras, home security, and can also be used as a VoIP phone.

Synaptics TouchPad sees action in Philips Dual remote control

If you happen to pick up the Philips Dual remote control anytime soon, you ought to take notice that Synaptics’ TouchPad will rock said next-generation remote which will also include other technologies such as ZigBee RF4CE (Radio Frequency for Consumer Electronics) and a QWERTY keyboard. This 2-inch TouchPad is capable of picking out gestures such as pointer navigation, flick, and tap for simplified navigation of digital entertainment. Pushing the touchpad […]

Amulet Remote delivers voice control for Windows Media Center

Having voice control handle your Windows Media Center machine is nothing new, but the second generation Amulet Remote intends to bring a refreshing experience – if you’re willing to fork out 249 clams in the first place, of course. While it resembles plenty of the other Windows Media Center remotes that are available at the moment, this one sports a built-in microphone which can light whenever you hold it up […]

RC soccer boots are a definite hoot

Are you a hardcore soccer fan and love the fact that the soccer season has just started in Europe? Then you might want to check out this pair of RC soccer boots. Yes, you won’t even need to wear it to move around, since each of these boots will feature a quartet of wheels under them, allowing you to steer it in just about any direction you want thanks to […]

TiVo begins to ship QWERTY TiVo Slide Remote

TiVo has started to ship its QWERTY TiVo Slide Remote in conjunction with the unveiling of its TiVo Premiere. This controller was specially made to cater to folks who live and breath Internet features as well as search. No prizes for guessing why the slide-out QWERTY keyboard is essential, as it works much better than a touchscreen display (although Swype proponents might disagree as to the typing speed), while a […]

Flora remote control concept could double up as a stress reliever

Remote controls are dime a dozen, but what happens when you get something like the Flora remote control? This concept offers a totally radical perspective, since it sports a silicon outer shell which will be able to respond to pressure as well as tension as long as you squeeze and pull it in the right directions. Depending on the type of input, it will translate into different commands to be […]

Mickey Mouse Remote Control a Japan exclusive

Here’s something light to start off your week – we’re talking about the Mickey Mouse Remote Control which will be available only in Japan. Why cover it, you ask? Well, there is something about this weird-looking Mickey, as you won’t see his iconic face, just the two ears sticking out, his trademark pants and yellow shoes. Nice to see the two buttons on his pants have been retained, with one […]