Refurbished Retina iPad Mini Now Available Online

Folks who had been waiting for refurbished Retina iPad mini to be available from the Apple online store can now rejoice. The company has started selling refurbished models of its latest iPad mini. It only sells them through the online store so walking into your nearest Apple Store isn’t going to be necessary. It has taken Apple nearly six months to offer refurbished Retina iPad mini models after the tablet was […]

iPad Air And Retina iPad Mini Now Available From Staples Retail Stores

It has only been a couple of months since Apple launched its two new tablets, the iPad Air and the Retina display touting iPad mini. Customers have a variety of options on their hands when it comes to purchasing these products. They can either go with Apple’s own retail stores, its online store or through various carriers and retailers. Staples also carries Apple’s products, and while it previously only sold […]

Cellular Retina iPad Mini Supply Still Appears To Be Tight

The supply issues that Apple has had to face with the new Retina iPad mini have been well documented over the past few weeks. It was said that LCD burn-in issues with the Retina display panels were causing delay in shipments, which resulted in a gap in the demand and supply of Apple’s latest tablet. Recently it was reported that various production bottlenecks have been taken care of, and while […]

Holiday Shoppers Prefer Tablets As Retina iPad Mini Supply Eases Up

A research note from Brian White, an analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald, reveals that more than 39 percent of online shoppers over the holiday weekend were interested in purchasing a tablet. With nearly $2 billion being spent over the weekend online, customers are bound to have purchased a significant amount of tablets as well apart from a wide variety of other products. Tablets were at the forefront of the consumer electronics […]


Apple Reportedly Ups Retina iPad Mini Orders To 4 Million In November

We have heard and read a lot about Retina iPad mini production problems. The supply has been incredibly tight since launch, even when Apple unveiled the device back in October it didn’t give an exact release date for the tablet. Analysts have been consistently predicting that launch supplies of the Retina iPad mini are tight due to issues with the production of Retina display panels. A new Digitimes report claims […]

T-Mobile Starts Selling The Retina iPad Mini

A few days back T-Mobile announced that the Retina iPad mini will go on sale through its website and retail stores from November 16th. It looks like the carrier has started selling the tablet two days ahead of the previously announced schedule, because as of 12:01 AM Pacific this morning, T-Mobile’s website has started accepting orders for the latest iPad mini.

Apple Is ‘Working Hard’ To Meet Retina iPad Mini Demand

Earlier today the online Apple store went down, fuelling speculation that today is the day the company finally releases its hotly anticipated Retina iPad mini. A few hours later the online store came back and indeed the tablet finally became available for purchase. Amid rumors that supplies are going to be very tight throughout the holiday season, Apple said in a press release today that it is “working hard” to […]

LCD Burn-In Reportedly Causing Retina iPad Mini Release Delay

The delay in Retina iPad mini’s release has long been attributed to poor yield rates of the Retina display panels, but a new report coming out of Korea suggests that there’s actually a problem affecting an unknown number of panels Sharp has manufactured that are behind this delay. While Sharp isn’t the primary manufacturer of display panels for the Retina iPad mini, it is believed to manufacture as many as […]

iPad Air Launch Weekend Sales Might Range Between 2.5 To 3.5 Million

On November 1st, Apple finally released the iPad Air. This much awaited tablet was unveiled on October 22nd, it touts upgraded internals and a new design. The tablet actually comes with the most design changes to have been made after the iPad 2 was launched back in 2011, borrowing a lot of design elements from the iPad Mini. The tablet is now available for sale through Apple Retail Stores as […]

iPad Air And Retina iPad Mini Reportedly Have 1GB RAM

Apple announced two new iPads on October 22nd, the full-fledged iPad Air as well as the second generation iPad mini which comes with the much rumored Retina display. The iPad Air comes with slight design changes, whereas the iPad mini’s design remains largely the same. Significant improvements have been made under the hood though on both tablets, as they now tout Apple’s new 64-bit A7 processor. A screenshot of a support […]

Retina iPad Mini Launch On October 22nd Rumored Once Again

We’ve gone back and forth many times on the possibility of the next iPad mini having a Retina display. There have been rumors in favor of the possibility, predictions on the contrary. We’ve heard it all from unverified sources, major news outlets and Wall Street analysts. A well known analyst, Peter Misek of Jefferies, is back again with his very own prediction, claiming that Apple is “more likely” to launch […]

iPad Mini With Retina Display Reportedly Bit Thicker Due To Bigger Battery

We’ve seen no shortage of rumors about the next generation iPad mini having a Retina display. This possibility has been rumored time and time again over the last few months, but nothing is known for sure as yet because Apple hasn’t confirmed anything. All we have to go on is a bunch of rumors and speculation. The latest round of speculation suggests that the upcoming iPad mini will be a […]

Retina iPad Mini Won’t Be Announced On October 22nd [Analyst]

The possibility of the next generation iPad mini having a Retina display has been discussed, affirmed and refuted multiple times over the past couple of months. We’ve seen different analysts, news outlets and unofficial sources voicing their own opinions, yet no one knows for sure if Apple is really going to unveil a Retina iPad mini at its iPad event on October 22nd. Apple actually hasn’t even confirmed its iPad […]

Low Cost iMac And iPad With High Resolution Display Rumored

Since Apple finally unveiled the two new iPhones last month, the rumor mill’s focus has now shifted to other products. Market analysts often make their predictions about future Apple products as well, and the folks at KGI Securities have come up with yet another round of predictions. It is claimed that Apple is indeed going to launch the Retina iPad mini at its event later this month, though it should […]