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Rumor: Samsung Focus Could Arrive This Year
BlackBerry Hub, a feature that is found on the BlackBerry 10 OS, is one particular aspect of BlackBerry that users continue to be proud of, even for those who have already switched their allegiance to other different mobile platforms. Well, whispers on the street claim that a somewhat similar feature is set to arrive on Samsung handsets soon, in the form of the Samsung Focus.

Windows Phone 7.5 update heading towards Samsung Focus 1.4
For AT&T customers who are rocking to a Samsung Focus 1.4 smartphone, here is a little bit of good news to end your week on a decent note – it seems that Windows Phone 7.5 updates will be rolling out for said smartphone, while the same update is also in the works for those who are using the Samsung Omnia 7 all the way across the pond – in Spain, […]

AT&T Windows Phone 7 updates are on the way
According to the latest post on the Windows Team Blog, Windows Phone 7 users on AT&T will have to wait a little longer for their phone’s updates. Apparently the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum and HTC Surround are still having their updates tested – a stage expected to be completed by early April. Since it’s already the 13th now, we’ve almost reached the middle of the month – this means the […]

Samsung Focus dissected
Have you been wondering what it looks like on the inside of a Samsung Focus? If you’re unwilling to take yours apart, you’ll be happy to know that someone out there has done it for you, disassembling the whole thing, showing you the various chips on board from Qualcomm, Micron and more. Folks will also notice the use of a SanDisk 8GB NAND flash RAM, instead of Samsung’s own memory […]


No microSD cards to be installed in Samsung Focus, alerts AT&T
AT&T workers in stores have mentioned that Microsoft is currently working on a fix to stbilize the whole microSD memory card slot reliability issue. Basically, directives from the top have trickled down to AT&T employees, who in turn will not install microSD memory cards in Samsung Focus phones until further notice – that is, when the fix is available, while belting out even more advice to customers not to upgrade […]

Samsung Focus Review
Samsung Focus Review - The Samsung Focus is one of the finest first-generation Windows Phone 7. This in-depth review goes through the user experience of the operating system and the of the device itself.

AT&T announces HTC Surround and Samsung Focus
AT&T has just made it know that they will be offering both the HTC Surround and Samsung Focus from November 8th onwards. We have already reviewed the HTC Surround earlier this month, but we haven’t published our Samsung Focus just yet (any day now!). There is still one more Windows Phone 7 launch phone from AT&T, which is the LG Quantum, where that model will also debut on the same […]