Samsung Omnia II i8000 to get Windows Mobile 6.5.3 update

The Samsung Omnia II i8000 which was introduced last year, will soon receive the Windows Mobile 6.5.3 update, which is as close as it can get to Windows Phone 7 numerically. The update will be released sometime in the second half of May, where you will receive visual enhancements and improved touchscreen responsiveness. Are you looking forward to this firmware update if you’re a Samsung Omnia II owner?

Sales Of Samsung Omnia II Top 600,000 In South Korea

Samsung certainly seems rather smug, and it should be, as the company has announced that its Omnia II smartphone has surpassed 600,000 units in South Korea. According to Samsung, the Omnia II has averaged about 100,000 units a month, and users are satisfied with its performance and after sales service. It’s also worth noting that Samsung sells different versions of its Omnia II in South Korea, with the T*Omnia II […]

Augmented Reality App for Omnia II

Augmented reality applications like Layar are certainly popular on Apple’s iPhone, and now it seems like Samsung’s Omnia II might be able to get in on the fun too. The folks at HyongaSoft have come up with OMPASS World Cities, which is a fancy name for their augmented reality application for said phone. It’ll make use of the Omnia II’s compass, GPS and camera to offer you directions of different […]

Samsung Omnia II Up For Pre-order In Argentina

Folks in Argentina who have been looking for a fancy looking Windows Mobile phone will be glad at the news that the Samsung Omnia II will soon be available in said country. The carrier Personal will be offering the phone for ARS$ 1499 with its All Inclusive Plan. If you’re in Argentina and serious about this phone, you can always reserve this phone at the Personal site.