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Uber's Self-Driving Trucks Have Started Moving Cargo
Self-driving cars started moving passengers on public roads quite some time ago and now self-driving trucks are paving their own way, so to speak. Uber has expanded the scope of its self-driving efforts to trucks as well and now it’s self-driving trucks have actually started to move cargo. Uber formally announced that its self-driving trucks have been delivering cargo in Arizona for a couple of months now.

Nissan Modernizes Japanese Hospitality With Self-Parking Slippers
You’ve surely heard of self-driving and self-parking cars by now. Most premium cars are capable of parking themselves with little or no input from the driver. Nissan wants to make sure that this technology is experienced by as many people as possible, even those who may never have seen such a car. The company has developed self-parking slippers to showcase its ProPilot Park technology.

Uber's Self-Driving Truck Drives 120 Miles On A Beer Run
You might know Uber as the company that makes the platform which enables you to easily hail a ride using your smartphone. Uber is working on so much more than just its platform that connects riders with drivers. The company is working hard on self-driving cars and it also has a company under its belt that’s working on self-driving trucks. Otto, Uber’s self-driving truck company, has now announced that its […]

A Convoy Of Self-Driving Trucks Completes Major Journey Across Europe
Much of the auto and tech industry appears to be convinced that self-driving cars are the future, which is why you see both auto and tech companies working and investing to achieve a future where autonomous cars are a reality. The technology can also be used in trucks as has been demonstrated before and today an entire convoy of self-driving trucks completed its first major journey across Europe.


Stanford Creates Self-Driving Electric Car With Mad Drift Skills
In case you weren’t aware today is officially Back to the Future day, Marty McFly had traveled to October 21st in the popular franchise and many are commemorating this in their own unique ways. On the eve of this day Stanford University’s automotive lab rolled out MARTY, it’s a self-driving electric car that they’ve built which has amazing drift skills. Their car is a heavily modified version of the DeLorean […]

Singapore Will Test Autonomous Public Transport Vehicles Next Year
The city-state of Singapore doesn’t seem to be too shy of new technology, not only has its postal service started testing deliveries by drone, it has also been confirmed that autonomous a.k.a self-driving public transport vehicles will enter testing before the end of next year. The announcement was made today by the Singapore Land Transport Authority, a government body that’s responsible for looking after Singapore’s mass transit facilities.

Volvo Plans To Put Autonomous Drive Me Cars On The Road By 2017
Like many other car makers Volvo is also working on autonomous or self-driving cars. The company has said that it plans on having as many as 100 self-driving cars out and about by the end of 2017. Today the Swedish company provided us with some additional details regarding this plan, which is called Drive Me, and will be initialized with a fleet of 100 autonomous cars.

Google's Self-Driving Car Needs Physical Controls In California
Some of us see self-driving cars as a staple in the future however there’s a lot of ground to be covered before these vehicles are ready for the real world. There are technological challenges to overcome as well apart from the regulatory and legal hurdles that self-driving cars will surely face. The latest wrench in the works has been thrown by the state of California. The state’s DMV has told Google […]

Dutch Look To Self-Driving Trucks In 5 Years’ Time
Google has their self-driving car (that you can see above) project, while BMW too, has experimented with their own version, with Volvo looking at a “Drive Me” self-driving car program. Now, the Dutch do seem to want to jump on board with the idea of self-driving trucks, where initial tests will be carried out on a closed track before it is followed up on public roads prior to arriving at […]