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Sony D6503 Sirius Runs On Android 4.4 KitKat
Much has been said about the upcoming Sony D6503 Sirius smartphone, which has been touted to be the next generation flagship smartphone. Well, the Sony D6503 Sirius has already appeared over in a video today which shows how it runs on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system. A video far better than leaked screenshots, right? In the video, we get to visually check out the unlock screen as well as […]

Alleged Sony Sirius KitKat UI Spotted
You can say that the Sony Sirius, also known as the Xperia Z2 or the Sony D6503, has been on the receiving end of its fair amount of rumors in recent times – mostly dealing with hardware issues, but this time around, we have a leak of the purported Android 4.3 screenshots that allegedly hail from the yet unreleased Sony Sirius which you can see above.

Sony Sirius Details Revealed (Rumor)
The unannounced D6503 from Sony, which is also known as the Sony Sirius, also known by some as the upcoming Sony Xperia Z2, has apparently made some appearances in leaked photos over the weekend, which points to the very real possibility that Sony could be on the verge of making an official unveiling of this particular smartphone. This would also lead us to ask the question – just what kind […]

Sony Sirius Smartphone Rumored To Make CES 2014 Debut
At the end of last year right before we kissed 2013 goodbye and ushered in the lovely 2014, we did talk about how Sony might have made preparations to roll out a couple of new handsets (at the minimum, of course, this ain’t the mid 1990s any more) in 2014 with the Sony Sirius as well as Sony Canopus being lined up for an introduction. Here is additional information on […]