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Sling TV Cloud DVR Now Available On More Devices
Sling TV is a popular standalone online TV streaming service. The Dish-owned service has now announced that its cloud DVR service will be available on more devices. The feature allows subscribers to save shows that they want to watch later in the cloud. The idea here is the same as a traditional DVR with the major difference being that your recordings are saved in the cloud and not in a […]

Sling TV Now Offers NBA League Pass
Dish’s Sling TV recently revealed that it has more than 2.2 million subscribers, putting it firmly in the lead over all other standalone online TV streaming services. Many of those 2.2 million subscribers will be very happy to find out today that Sling TV now offers NBA League Pass. The press release mentions Sling TV as the first live streaming service to integrate NBA League Pass, thus allowing its subscribers […]

Sling TV Now Has More Than 2.2 Million Subscribers
Never before has Dish reported Sling TV subscribers separately but it has now done that for the very first time. Sling TV is Dish’s standalone online TV streaming service that has been around for a few years now. The company reports that Sling TV subscribers have grown by 47 percent to reach over 2.2 million.

Sling TV Now Integrated With Samsung Smart TVs
Sling TV, a dominant player in the standalone TV streaming market, today announced that its integration with Samsung makes it the most widely available live streaming service. The company says that it’s the first live and on-demand standalone streaming service to be available on select Samsung smart TVs. This enables Sling to expand its device compatibility. It already supports a diverse range of devices, including but not limited to smartphones, […]


Sling TV DVR Updated To Protect Recordings From Automatic Deletion
Sling TV started offering a cloud DVR feature to users several months ago. It enables them to save shows to their cloud DVR so that they can watch them at a later date. The cloud DVR feature has an automatic deletion functionality as it overwrites shows starting from the oldest saved one once the space fills up. Sling TV has now updated the feature to ensure that users can protect […]

Sling TV Offers An AirTV Player Bundle For Less
Sling TV recently launched the AirTV box recently which enables users to combine live, local TV channels with Netflix and the Sling TV over-the-top online TV streaming service. To bring down the cost of entry and get more people to start using its box, Sling TV has decided to offer an AirTV bundle which offers savings to new customers.

Sling TV Cloud DVR Expanded To Apple TV
It has only been a few weeks since Sling TV announced the expansion of its Cloud DVR “First Look” to Roku and Android users. It promised back then that the DVR would gradually be rolled out to users on other platforms as well. It’s following through on this promise by rolling out Cloud DVR for Sling TV users on Apple TV today.

Sling Cloud DVR Expanded To Users On Android And Roku
It has been a month since Sling TV announced its Cloud DVR “First Look” program which provided subscribers on an Amazon Fire TV or Fire tablet to get 50 hours of cloud storage for $5 per month. A month after coming out with this feature for the very first time, Sling TV today announced that it is expanding the Cloud DVR First Look to other platforms. It’s now available for […]

Showtime Now Available On Sling TV
Sling TV has been around for over two years now and the online TV streaming service has gradually built up its programming lineup. It has been adding premium channels that many know and love, the likes of HBO, Cinemax, and Starz are already available on the service. Sling TV today announced that Showtime will now be available for subscribers as well who are willing to pay a bit extra for […]

Sling TV Cloud DVR Expanded To Amazon Customers
Given that the competition is rising in the online TV streaming market, we’re seeing existing players improve the features that they offer so that they don’t start losing subscribers. Sling TV has been around for a couple of years and has established a name for itself in this market. It has announced the expansion of its Cloud DVR service to Amazon customers today.

Dish's New AirTV Box Streams Sling TV, Netflix, And Local Channels
We saw reports several weeks ago that Dish may soon launch a new set-top box calling AirTV Player. Reports mentioned that the box would enable users to stream Netflix, Dish’s standalone TV streaming service Sling TV, and local channels over-the-air. Dish has officially announced the AirTV Player set-top box today. It’s powered by Android TV.

Sling TV To Launch AirTV Player Box Soon
Sling TV is Dish’s standalone online TV streaming service that enables cord cutters to watch some conventional networks and pay monthly for the privilege. Rumors about Sling TV launching its own TV tuner box have been floating around for a few months now and it appears that the box is going to be announced very soon. A landing page for the Sling TV “AirTV Player” has appeared on the company’s […]

Sling TV Launches Cloud DVR Beta For Roku Users
Sling TV today announced its new cloud DVR beta program that’s only being launched as an invitation-only beta to subscribers who use Roku devices. Those who are eligible may request an invitation to the beta. Sling TV says that it has launched the only over-the-top cloud DVR with no 28 day restriction on recordings. At launch, the beta program will provide subscribers with up to 100 hours of cloud DVR […]

AT&T DirecTV Now Streaming Service Will Be Unveiled On November 28th
It was confirmed by AT&T earlier this year that it’s going to soon launch a standalone TV streaming service under the DirecTV brand. The company confirmed recently that the service will be introduced in November and now we have a precise date. AT&T’s DirecTV Now standalone online TV streaming service is going to be unveiled on November 28th.