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Softcard To Cease Operations Come 31st Of March
With Apple Pay bursting onto the scene, it basically meant that there was one more mobile payments provider that other companies had to compete with. Then there were rumors about Google possibly acquiring their competitor Softcard which later turned out to be true and if you’re a current Softcard user, you might want to take note of this.The company has recently announced that come 31st of March, they will be […]

Google Acquires Softcard, Carriers Will Now Preload Wallet On Their Devices
For the past few weeks we have heard rumors that Google might acquire Softcard, a payments service owned by major carriers which was previously known as ISIS, and now the company has made the official announcement. Google has indeed acquired Softcard and as a result Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile will now preload Google Wallet on their devices.

Softcard App For Verizon Now Enables Windows Phone Mobile Payments
As you might have heard the other day, Softcard (formerly known as ISIS) recently announced that they would be bringing their mobile payments app to the Windows Phone platform. The app launched for AT&T’s Windows Phone devices, and the good news is that if you’re a Verizon customer looking to get in on the action, you can do that now.Starting from today, Verizon customers with Windows Phone handsets can go […]

Softcard Adds Support For The Windows Phone Platform
Given the amount of flack that MCX’s CurrentC has received so far, they certainly did not make things better when it was revealed that the service would not support Windows Phone or BlackBerry. Well the good news is that if you’re a Windows Phone user looking to get in on the mobile payment action, you have Softcard to fall back on.Softcard, for those unfamiliar, was formerly known as Isis where […]


Isis Changes Name To Softcard
Isis, the U.S. mobile wallet platform that is backed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon, decided that they have had enough of the Islamic State and its brutal regime over in the Middle East, so much so that a rebranding exercise is in store in order to avoid any kind of misconception and to distance themselves with the militant group. Isis Wallet will be no more in a few weeks’ time, […]