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Sonim XP7 Announced As IndieGogo Project
When it comes to rugged handsets, there is a growing number of models available for the masses. However, rugged handsets do not look as sleek as a regular smartphone, as they tend to bulk up in order to offer the adequate amount of protection. Well, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 Active and the Kyocera Hydro Life happen to be part of this growing niche market, and Sonim intends to take things to […]

Sprint Sonim XP STRIKE Is One Tough Cookie
When it comes to your mobile phone, most of us tend to deal with smartphones, and most of these smartphones might be beautifully made, but you can be sure that they are fragile as heck. Of course, with the advent of technology and implementation of details such as Gorilla Glass 2, the latter generation of smartphones tend to be tougher than normal, but this does not mean that they rank […]

Sprint’s Sonim XP Strike Announced
Sprint has just announced that their most rugged Sprint Direct Connect device to date, the Sonim XP Strike, where it will boast of features such as instant call setup time on domestic push-to-talk calls, in addition to international coverage to Latin American countries which most frequently use push-to-talk. If you want to make the Sonim XP Strike as part of your communications arsenal, then you would do well to set […]

Sonim announces trio of handsets
Sonim phones are definitely tough when you compare them to the rest of the phones in the market, and recently their Sonim XP3300 Force picked up the Guinness World Record for surviving the longest freefall, but those achievements and laurels have not stopped the company from innovating themselves even further. Right now, Sonim is about to expand their family of tough smartphones with a trio of mil-spec devices at CTIA […]


Sonim XP1301 Core NFC is most rugged NFC handset ever
We do know that NFC (Near Field Communication) capability is getting integrated into more and more devices, but how many of those devices are still able to work after, say, dropping down onto a concrete floor from a storey high? Or what happens when you accidentally drop that NFC-enabled device into the toilet bowl? Save yourself from all the fretting and worrying with the Sonim XP1301 Core NFC – this […]

Sonim XP5300 Force 3G to arrive in Europe soon
Sonim Technologies, the name behind the world’s toughest phone, will be working to roll out the XP5300 Force 3G in Europe. This is an ultra-rugged handset that will target hard hat-wearing workers who plunge themselves into extreme and remote environments each time they go to their “office”, or even for folks who just love spending time outdoors and do not want to fret or worry about their phone.The Sonim XP5300 […]

Sonim XP1300 CORE rugged handset announced
True to form, Sonim has announced their XP1300 CORE rugged phone to the masses, although it will only hit the market later next month. This is not meant for any average Joe to use, since it will cater particularly for those who work in extremely harsh environments and need a reliable communications tool. This is touted to be the first IP-68 rated GSM handset in the world that can be […]

Sonim XP2 Spirit arrives
[MWC 2010] Sonim’s XP2 Spirit is now available, being the first 3G handset from the folks over at Sonim. As with other products from its stable, this is one tough cookie, boasting the following specifications which we hope will whet your appetite if you are one who is prone to dropping stuff all over the place. Stylish look and unique octagonal shape to better withstand drops 3-megapixel camera with LED […]

Sonim XP3 Heads For US Release
The Sonim XP3.20 is finally going to make its debut in the US sometime this summer courtesy of a group of rural mobile phone carriers. The XP3.20 handset can also be available unlocked directly via selected retailers if you decide to use them on AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s networks. This rugged handset comes with a rubber ridge around the display, where the additional few millimeters of space between the screen glass […]