Sony Walkman Z series with Android

[CES 2012] The Sony Android Walkman was first shown at IFA as a prototype and officially announced on September 13th, when it launched in Japan. Today at CES, Sony is officially launching the Walkman Z series running Android 2.3 (GingerBread) in the US in three flavors: the 32G model at $329.99, the 16G model at $279.99 and the 8G at $249.99.On the hardware side, the device boasts a 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra […]

Music Unlimited on select Sony Walkman MP3 players

Own a Sony Walkman that is of the modern variety? Yes, I’m talking about the ones that play your favorite tunes from an MP3 format instead of using the old school cassette tape. Well, if you so happen to be rocking to the Walkman NWZ-A860, S760BT and E460 models, then you will be pleased to note that Music Unlimited will support these three models.All you need to do is download […]

Sony Walkman NWZ-B160F/B160 MP3 players debut

Sony knows that there is still some more money to be made with the Walkman brand name, and hence has decided to go ahead and roll out the NWZ-B160F and B160 MP3 players. Wait a minute here – dedicated, standalone MP3 players in this day and age? That does not sound quite right, after all, isn’t even the most basic of feature phones these days are capable of functioning as […]

Sony stops cassette Walkman production, ends an era

We were wondering what took Sony this long – to pull the plug on cassette Walkmans in Japan. This basically means that all production of cassette Walkmans will cease, and once the current inventory runs out, that’s that. Fini. Nada. The end. You won’t shed a tear for cassette tapes if the first portable music player that you’ve ever come into contact with was an iPod, but we’re sure that […]


Toy Story characters spruce up Sony Walkman line

Sony decided to go on a little merchandise tie-in with their new line of Walkman S-Series accessories which will come imprinted with your favorite Toy Story character of choice, with the original Sony Walkman Toy Story clear case model known as the CC-DW-TS3 retailing for around $18 after conversion. Apart from protecting your Walkman device, it will definitely announce to the world of your affinity for Disney’s Toy Story characters. […]

Limited Edition Sony Walkman W252 Metal Gear Edition

PSP owners should be rejoicing that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is almost ready to hit the PSP, and if you needed a little something to keep you occupied till the game is ready to rock in your PSP, Sony has announced a limited edition W252 Walkman in a unique camouflage finish, obviously a reference to Metal Gear Solid. You’ll also get six tunes pre-loaded from the Peace Walker soundtrack […]

Sony NWZ-B150 series of Walkman MP3 players

Sony’s latest range of Walkman MP3 players come under the guise of the B-Series, where you can choose from the 2GB (NWZ-B152) and 4GB (NWZ-B153) models, and they come in black, blue, pink and red colors. Released in early June onwards, both models sport a 3-line LCD display that shows off track and artist information, a bass boost button for instant “oomph” to your music, as well as an equalizer […]

Sony NWZ-W252 W-Series Walkman MP3 player

Sony has rolled out its latest NWZ-W252 W-Series Walkman MP3 player that is fully wearable, making it an instant favorite with those who have a penchant for listening to encouraging tunes while they sweat it out at the gym. The NWZ-W252 comes in a convenient lightweight, wearable and water resistant design, where you will be able to continue jogging or cycling even when the heavens open up and start to […]

Sony Walkman gets firmware updates

What’s Walkman in the plural form? Should we say, Walkmen? Well, those who currently own the Sony Walkman NW-A828/A829, NW-S615F/S616F and NW-S715F/S716F/S718F will be able to download a firmware update that fixes volume issues when using the aforementioned devices with the CMT-V3, CPF-NW001, SRS-NWGU50, SRS-NWGM30, SRS-NWZ10 stereos, alongside the WLA-NWB1 Bluetooth adapter as well. This is currently on offer by Sony Japan, and there is no word on whether it […]

Sony Walkman perched atop in Japan

Sony has finally wrested from Apple what it thought to be its perpetual property in Japan – top spot in the portable media player market since introducing the Walkman all those decades ago. Yes sir, the new generation of Walkmans that support MP3 files instead of cassette tapes have now overtaken Apple’s iPods in terms of market share – the first time ever in the past four years. The lead […]

Sony Releases ‘affordable’ Walkmans Model E and B

Sony is back with two Walkman devices aimed at the entry-level market. The B Series (not in the photo) has a USB stick format and is an ultra-portable. It beats the crap out of an iPod shuffle on the feature side.The E-Series (shown above) has a more classic MP3 player format and comes with a nice QVGA display. It can play video (mpeg4) and audio files (mp3, wma, wmv). This […]

Sony Walkman W-NWD-W202

You don’t carry around a Walkman these days as you do a couple of decades ago – this time, you wear it – just like how the Sony Walkman W-NWD-W202 is supposed to hang around your neck. This wearable Walkman does not only carry your music in a special manner, it also features a new search function known as Zappin. Strangely enough, it isn’t waterproof, so if you’re thinking of […]