Symbian Belle launched by Nokia

At long last, the successor to Symbian Anna is finally out – and here are all the details of the new Symbian Belle operating system update. As with any other new operating systems, you will find a slew of improvements and features that intend to make it the best yet – and Symbian Belle might disappoint just a select few once you’re done reading. Continuing the good work where Symbian […]

Sony Ericsson will no longer deliver phones running on Symbian OS

It is the end of the road where the Symbian operating system is concerned for Sony Ericsson handsets, as they will be rolling out Android only in the future. Truth be told, Symbian has been on the decline when it comes to groundbreaking and newer features, with Nokia themselves looking to the MeeGo platform as a possible replacement. Despite having its fair share of success over the years with Symbian […]

Symbian activates 100,000 more phones daily than Google

Whatever you do in life, bear in mind that there might just be someone else better than you out there. We’re talking about the Symbian Foundation pooh-poohing Google’s recent boast of activating 200,000 phones daily, with a figure that is 50% higher where Symbian is concerned compared to the Android platform. Of course, this figure is just valid for Q2 of this year, and equals to around three handsets being […]

First Symbian^3 phone to hail from Asian manufacturer

In an interesting twist, we now know that the first Symbian^3 phone to hit the market would come from an Asian manufacturer instead of Nokia, although there was no mention on just who it is. Apparently, Lee Williams, Executive Director of the Symbian Foundation, claims that the Symbian^3 code is “nearly ready”, where he espouses a “very mature” Symbian^4 to be more or less ready before the first quarter of […]


Nokia leapfrogs straight to Symbian version 3

Nokia plans to have a game of leapfrog, skipping Symbian version 2 by going straight to version 3, where the latter boasts multi-touch capability. This will apparently happen sometime in the third quarter of this year, where version 4 will follow suit perhaps later this year or early 2011. Sounds like a desperate move to us, as the Finnish cellphone manufacturer have finally seen the light on how multi-touch is […]