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Disney Tests Out Aireal Air-Flow Tactile Gaming Technology
When Nintendo first announced that the Nintendo Wii would feature motion control, Sony and Microsoft camps laughed at Nintendo, touting that this is just a gimmick that will die off pretty soon. I guess Nintendo did have the last laugh after all, where they pioneered the way ahead for home consoles to rely on some sort of motion control in the controllers themselves, with Microsoft went one up by introducing […]

Robots Could Be Tickled In The Future
Do you think that we take the small things in life for granted? Take for instance, you holding on to an egg without breaking it, or how about closing your eyes and feel the breeze caress your face? Of course, we might think nothing much of those, but pause for a moment and reflect on how robots are. I suppose if they were capable of emotions, then they would certainly […]

KDDI Shows Next-Generation Tactile Feedback
[CEATEC 2011] KDDI, a Japanese carrier known for its innovative spirit, is demonstrating a new generation of tactile feedback at CEATEC. KDDI’s feedback technology works with a capacitive display and provides a “click” feel which is similar to what can be felt on the Blackberry Storm. However, the Storm was using a primitive “switch” that was clicking at anytime, anywhere on the screen. KDDI’s feedback technology only provides feedback where […]

Disney looks at Surround Haptics tactile technology
Disney, the company that has captured the imagination of millions across generations because of their cartoons and characters, intends to bring immersion to a new level instead of relying on just sound and vision. This has resulted in Surround Haptics – a kind of tactile technology which relies on a low-resolution grid of vibrating actuators in order to generate high-resolution, continuous, moving tactile strokes across your skin. This system is […]


Real time strategy games brought to a whole new level
If you’ve ever watched the pros play RTS (real time strategy) games like Starcraft, Warcraft and Command & Conquer, you will see frenzied clicking and typing on the mouse and keyboard, and you should also start hearing terms and phrases like “micro managing” and “APM” (actions per minute).

Apple granted patent for "bumpy" tactile touchscreens
One of the major pitfalls about touchscreen devices is the lack of tactile feedback you get from the smooth surface. Using the touchscreen without looking at it is pretty much impossible unless you have an awesome memory that lets you remember the position of every single button on the screen and you know where to press by heart. Apple applied for the tactile touchscreen idea way back in December 2009 […]

Concept: Tactile Phone For The Visually Impaired
It’s not always easy for the visually impaired to use mobile phones, but a designer has come up with a concept phone that might be able to solve the problem, dubbed the Tactile. The Tactile uses digital texture to allow the visually impaired to access a variety of features that are offered by modern multi-touch phones. This is achieved by using an array of conductive pins under the multi-touch display, […]