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Chicago Power Company Looks To Target Of 1 Million Smart Thermostats
Having a smart thermostat does have its advantages – especially when you consider how those who have made use of a Nest learning thermostat reported substantial savings in their monthly gas bill despite the Nest itself replacing an already programmable and programmed thermostat. Having said that, what would it be like if each home were to be fitted with a smart thermostat? Just imagine the amount of energy savings that […]

3rd Generation Nest Thermostat Unveiled
It was not too long ago that we brought you whispers of how the Nest Thermostat could be experiencing a design refresh for its 3rd generation model, and here we are with word that the 3rd generation Nest Thermostat is now ready and kicking. This latest generation model will not be the massive upgrade that everyone is looking forward to as opposed to the previous generation, although you can be […]